Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don't You Love Saturdays?

I always start my Saturday morning
with a bit of creative fun in the studio.

Maybe these vintage earrings
will end up as part of a piece.

Or perhaps these tintype ladies
will become part of a new 
creation that I've been thinking of.

As I sort through my collections,
I secretly hope I get inspired.

Vintage earrings,
French ephemera.....inspiration.
All I need to start my day.

Let's hope these gals had a better day 
after these photos were taken.
Wow, I wonder if I ever look like this 
after a bad day?

Merci for stopping by,


  1. Hahaha Rhonda, agreed they do look pretty grim!
    What's up with that? I doubt you ever look like that, especially while creating the lovlies you do.
    Hope your weekend is fab!

  2. Lol there is no way you could ever look like that no matter how bad your day has been.
    Love those earrings. I know you will come up with something amazing. Your collections are so inspiring.
    I secretly hate the weekends :( i know i know people love to sit and do nothing on weekends and this thing called relaxing.... Ugh.
    Its not for me. Give me a monday anyday over a saturday.
    Have a great time in your studio

  3. My Saturday usually starts with a visit to you! Nothing brightens my day more than to see what creation you are working on! Thank you for starting my weekend off right!

  4. Such lovely vintage pieces.
    Love Annette

  5. Truly dear Rhonda, I think you NEVER look like that ,even after the most terribly day--how come they often looks so sad-in photoes from back then? Did they have such awful lives I wonder-
    I think you should wear your beautiful earrings, dear - and then create wonders with your amazing tintypes, and ephemera :)
    Can you tell I LOVE old earrings hehe.
    Hugs and love- Dorthe

  6. They certainly are not wearing their happy face lol.
    Beautiful items surround you and you always photograph with such care and beauty.

  7. What wonderful items! I have a few vintage photos of my relatives from 1922 and my grandfather used to tell us that the photographers would discourage smiling. Can you imagine that? We only have one photo of my grandfathers cousin who married in 1929 and she is the only one smiling.

    Your little religious items are very sweet!

    Deanna :D

  8. Hello Rhonda!

    Nice to see be here again, always inspired each time I visit!

    That is all I need to start MY day, too! Beautiful things!

    Ciao Bella!

    Bella Bliss

  9. Beautiful pieces you are working on,Rhonda.Thanks for the inspiration.Have a wonderful week.

  10. Love all your creative pieces!


  11. Here's the reason everyone had those morose expressions on their faces...when I took teacher explained that back then, one photo took much more than a split second to take. People had to hold terribly still, not blinking at all for 15 seconds....or was it 30 seconds?.......and if they moved, it would be blurry.

    It's because they had to concentrate on being that still, that they all seem to be suffering some form of hardship in their lives!

    So there you have it, you can rest assured that they were indeed very happy people!

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina


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