Saturday, February 16, 2013

Inspired to Organize

I have always had an inspiration box on my work table.
Certainly with all the inspiration we get daily
from Pinterest and other blogs....getting inspired has become a way of life.
All it took was one image 
and I grabbed an old wood box
and started filling her up with supplies.
Everything is ready to pull for my customer's packages. 
Create a supply box of your own, you will not be sorry.
I always tuck in a little surprise in with my orders.
I always have.
It makes me smile and I know it makes them smile, they tell me so.

It's velvet dreams right now in my studio
for a couple of special orders. 
I have so many custom orders to finish 
but I'm in heaven working with this beautiful velvet fabric at the moment.

The gorgeous white gathered fabric beneath this velvet piece
is from Ikea
yes I said Ikea.
It's the Ofelia Blanket, a super soft blanket 
that you will not want to let out of your sight.
I should have grabbed two.
picture courtesy of Ikea

Hello to all my new followers - I will be stopping in soon!

Have a wonderful weekend, mes amies.


Vintage Market Place said...

That is so wonderful Rhonda
what a great little way to keep all your things right at hand.
Very design studio like!
Have fun creating!

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

I love your inspiration box. It looks wonderful with such creative inspiration. Cindy

Donna said...

What a gorgeous box full of inspiration! It is a work of art in and of itself! I know that your customers must love the little surprises you tuck in with your packages, I like to do the same with mine:)

Renee said...

what a beautiful inspiration wonder you create such beautiful things!! I love your shop, too.

Amy Kinser said...

First of all..I have three of those wonderful blankets. Two that I use as curtains and one as a blanket. They are beautiful!

I love the way you have corralled all of your beautiful supplies. Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing it.

BECKY said...

Oh Rhonda, That velvet is just so yummy! I have some antique silk velvet that I found while digging through huge boxes of fabric at an estate sale that I just adore. It's such a small piece...wish there was more.

Thanks for sharing your lovelies!!
Always a joy!

BECKY said...

Oh and I love your organization!! I need to clean up my work space!! Sigh...


Holly Moore said...

Wow, want to do this now! The box is such a great idea because then you can use the things that inspire you. Yours inspires me! Hugs!

suziqu's thread works said...

Lovely idea of the inspiration box Rhonda - I have a similar one of my own!
That is a gorgeous shade of velvet that you are are working on at present!
x Suzy

Createology said...

Your inspiration box right out in sight is bliss. You have such a calm palette. That white blanket is heavenly. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Sue Marrazzo said...

I totally get your Inspiration box...I do a very similar idea. It works for me too!!!
Check out my ART blog at:

Susan said...

You found a lovely way to organize your studio materials.

Alicia said...


herzkram said...

Dear Rhonda,
such an inspiration box is a wonderful idea. I think about making one for myself.

Lululiz said...

Drooool, just look at all those beautiful little treasures in your box. I'd love to play with all those gorgeous things. The velvet is such a delicious colour, I bet it feels really luxurious as well. It must give you such pleasure working with such a beautiful material.

morkaren said...

Rigtig dejlig ide, med den kasse til matairlier til nye prospekter, jeg vil bede min handymand lave sådan en til mig, og den er jo også dekorativ. knus morkaren.

Di said...

Love it! I keep my desk all ready to work also. I have everything accessible and the grandboys know where to get everything. The only thing is they used the rug to draw and it got on there! Can always clean it right!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Such a great idea, Rhonda, and it looks pretty, too! I try and keep all my stuff close by so I don't have to go looking for anything. I have such a small space that I try to keep what I can clipped up on a screen that I use in my craft/sewing room. I like to tuck a little something in with the purchases I send out, too. It is a nice little surprise!

Jemma said...

Perfectly beautiful and useful!

Nook and Cranny said...

I also have one of these boxes. At times I enjoy creating things for the box more than a project.
Thanks for sharing your box of goodies.

debi said...

Your velvet creation is stunning! And I love your inspiration box, need to make myself one. Hugs, Debi

Dorthe said...

Dear Rhonda, you alwayes have such beautiful pieces on your table, and now also in this wonderful box,-
The velvet piece is looking so soft and lovely, something very special to order.
Hope your week will be happy.

bear's house said...

Ciao cara...che dire?
FAVOLOSO tutto, adoro questo stile. Buona settimana. Un fortissimo abbraccio. NI

Vintage Jane said...

This is what I NEED to do. Also, your fabric book in your previous post has provided me with lots of inspiration to make a book for my parents 50th anniversary later this year ...
M x

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

You're so organized with your little pretties. It's always fun to add something extra to a package.

Its All About Creating said...

I saw that blanket at IKEA and thought of you. How funny. I wanted to get it for a tablecloth, but it was too short for my table. Maybe I still will, LOL. Post is beautiful as always!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Your velvet creation is just gorgeous,dear Rhonda.I wish I would be as organized as you are.
Love your inspiration box.
Have a wonderful week.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Awesome idea Rhonda and yours is beautiful and inspiring!

Lívia Carolina said...


city said...

thanks for share.

Lynn Stevens said...

Your so inspiring. An inspiration box!!!! I just have a pile. LOL