Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Little Bit "Sick"

 Oh, my studio calls me 
but alas I'm sick with a sinus cold.
Fuzzy headed and miserable, it's a real doozy.
 I fought so hard this past winter,
not to catch a cold or the flu.
  But those mean 'ole germs found me anyway.
So, on this beautiful holy Easter Weekend,
I wish you all a blessed holiday.
I will rest and get better with time.
 I finished this altered tin last weekend.
She is in her new home now.
You can expect more treasures with this image soon in my shops.

Sending many blessings, Rhonda



Hope you feel better, dear, relax, wrap yourself in cozy homecomforts...reading, sleeping...etc....and you will be better in no time. Back to your studio, before you know it!


Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Petite Michelle Louise said...

shhhhhhhhh....whisper happy to hear from go back to bed before that garage door opens again! lol! ;)!!

Myplace4tea said...

Hope you feel better very soon.
Drink lots of tea with organic raw honey and lemon.

Your altered tin is so lovely... you have a great imagination!

Take good care of yourself

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

So sorry to hear you are sick, Rhonda, and just when the weather is starting to get nicer. Hope you feel better soon. Your pictures are lovely. I always think if I were sick it would be a good time to tinker around in my craft/sewing room, but in reality I don't feel well enough to concentrate on making things.

Gail Thayer said...

Happy Easter my friend! I do hope you recover soon, we need more of your beautiful creations!

FleaingFrance Brocante Society said...

I hop that you are feeling better soon. Looking forward to seeing what other pretty pieces you come up with!

Createology said...

Healing Hugs for your speedy recovery. Easter Blessings...

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Wishing you a Happy Easter Dear Rhonda.
I hope you´ll feel better soon. Sending get well wishes, your way.

Bohemian said...

Healing Energy being sent your way! Have a Blessed Easter and take good care of yourself. Your Creations, as always, are simply Divine!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sumaya at Evocative Vintage said...

Wonderfully inspirational Rhonda. Your creations are divine!

Blessings and well wishes coming your way. Hope you get rid of those nasty little bugs soon~


morkaren said...

Hvor trist du er syg (det er min mand også) det er det langstragte forår, nu må vi snart få sol og sommer, rigtig god bedring knus morkaren.

Maryanne said...

Happy Easter, Rhonda. I'm new to your blog but I had to comment on the beautiful altered tin. I was very touched by it's beauty especially at this holy time. I hope you are feeling better soon. I get sinus colds this time of year too and they aren't fun!

milena60 said...

Ронда у вас прекрасный блог...........быстрее выздоравливайте......тёплой и ласковой вам весны.

Dorthe said...

And what a beautiful home dear Rhonda,
I so love the added bling around her, and the sweet cross beneth.
Your two little boxes are adorable, too.
Sweetie I wish you a quick recovery, I fought so long with coughing and such and feel so sorry for you.
Warm hugs, from Dorthe

Vintage Market Place said...

Hope you are on your way to feeling better!
Happy Easter and well wishes!

Priscilla G. said...

Hope you feel better soon Rhonda!!
Happy Easter!

Kadee Willow said...

Oh, to think you almost made it through without coming down with something! So sorry! I know my winter was spent with two months of sinus issues. So not fun! But I know that won't happen to you, my dear! I so enjoyed your photos and the last one took my breath away... I love the way you turned a tin mould into such a treasure. Just luscious!

Alicia said...


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Rhonda,
I hope you are feeling better by now. Just catching up on you:)Love, love your new creations. Is the little round tin with the bling for sale??Have a wonderful weekend.

Wendy AppleApricot said...

Gorgeous altered tin! Hope you're feeling well now. Hugs, Wendy