Saturday, September 10, 2011

Famille, Antiquing, Finds and a Car

How to Squeeze A Lot of Fun In 5 Days 

"It's so nice to have this time together", my father and niece sang this song to everyone and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. As I hang onto the memories of this trip, helped by my niece's 35 videos she took with my camera, I replay them and hear laughter, more laughter, crazy laughter.

If you've never antiqued as a family, you are missing out. My brother found this incredible matchbook. I looked in that booth twice and missed it. Thank you Scott - I am so happy to have this. I researched it and found out more about it.

Giant feature matchbook from Chicago's famous French Casino (1934-1939) All Girl Revue. 
TRIVIA: In 1934, during the Chicago World's Fair, it became French Casino. The French Casino is where John Dillinger spent his birthday, June 22, 1934, a month before he was shot.

I found so many interesting things this trip

The hunt is what it's all about.....

but the true delight was doing it as a family.

Oh, did I mention a car?

My baby brother surprised us all when he drove up with his new car....sigh
My niece says it has a peace sign.

Okay, if my baby brother is driving a Mercedes, does that make me old?
Yep, it does.

My only niece, Kayla, took this photo.
I think she is a future blogger. Smile.

Tomorrow is September 11th and a sad day for us all.
Keeping those families who lost someone that day
in my prayers and thoughts.

xo Rhonda