Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A White Wednesday Secret

Can you keep a secret?
Oh, I bet you can't.

I could make you wait
and see what it is.

Okay, I will give you a hint...

I've been moving things around
in my studio.
Sprucing it up a bit.

Getting ready for.....

with Karen Valentine
at her fabulous blog

Hanging shelves....
moving furniture around...
cleaning and organizing,
all part of the process
of getting ready.

I did find time to create 
this photo key.

Stay tuned
 as there are some more
new and exciting changes
around the corner.

Happy White Wednesday
to all my friends and followers, too!

Joining in 

Much Love, Rhonda


  1. I wish I had your knack for coming up with these amazing ideas. The key is fabulous. And I am so excited about what you have been doing in your studio. I am so looking forward to seeing it all. x

  2. Oh Rhonda,
    you are right, I can't keep a secret. :-)
    The key-photoframe looks lovely.

  3. The photo key is brilliant! Love it!

  4. yea! so happy you are joining in this year! I can't WAIT to see all of the lovely changes you made around your already magnifique studio!! (ADORE that key!!) ;) Happy WW mon maie! write soon....

  5. Happy WW,dear Rhonda.Love that key.
    Oh and I can't wait to see your studio.

  6. A little with a story of its own.
    Love it.

  7. Yay!
    Your studio is sure to amaze us.
    Everything you create that comes from your space is amazing!

    Love you new look around here, really captures your love of romance and paris style.


  8. Oh my buddy Karen is something else! I soooooo wish I could just move things around to make my studio worthy! I told her (when she visited me last year) that I would not join Where Bloggers Create again until I got the horrid wall paper off my walls in there. Have I done that??? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I wish... YES!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what everyone does. LOVE the photo key! HUGS!

  9. it is always delightful to visit you and see what lovely things you've been creating!

  10. Dear Rhonda,

    How do you manage to alwayes find new wonderful ideas, and make beautiful things out of them,-I so love your key,dear, and ,and the beautiful rusted heart, -does the little book hold a rosary ?
    I am alwayes so inspired visiting you sweetie.Thankyou for this beautiful post.

  11. Oh a key photo frame - how divine! Such beautiful photos... I look forward to seeing all of your studio when revealed.

    I'd love it if you'd consider sharing this post at Shabbilicious Friday ~

  12. Hi Rhonda, I'm very much looking forward to seeing your studio. It's not so bad to have such a deadline isn't it? I also still have some things to paint and hang up for the party.
    Have a wonderful weekend :-)!

  13. Oh, I forgot. I love your idea with the key. It's fabulous!

  14. Rhonda! That photo key is fabulous!! Just love it!

    And I am hoping to participate this year, but am currently transforming a spare room into my new studio!! I hope I can get it done in time! If not...guess I have to wait until next year!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Enjoyed your post! The key is fabulous. Great idea!

  16. I adore these treasures and your photography is stunning. I'm loving the black and white effects ~ very nice!
    Blessings & hugs,

  17. I meant to tell you that your blog header is simply fabulous! LOVE!!
    Blessings & hugs,

  18. Hi Rhonda,
    I can not wait to see your studio!!! I am dying over your little sneak peaks!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  19. Your blog is filled with some amazingly gorgeous things. I find it very inspirational. I posted some things to my Pinterest and I hope you don't mind. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Love your photo key!!!

    barbara jean

  21. I'm so excited to see your space!

  22. Rhonda, you tease you!:) I just packed up a bunch of French skeleton keys yesterday, thinking I should sell them but knowing I couldn't cause I wanna keep em. And now you've come up with this too cute idea -- it's not copyrighted, is it?!hehehe
    HUGS from crazy land in the process of moving....Move No. 50-something???

  23. This is a stab in the dark, but that is a lovely image of the Blessed Mother you have in the hanging frame (holding a cross). Do you happen to know who the artist is? Thanks!

  24. The framed image is actually St. Marguerite, an antique framed picture I bought from France. I adore her so much. She brings much peace to our home.

  25. Ah okay - thank you! May she bring you many blessings.


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