Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

Welcome to 
A Little Bit French's 

Come on in...the door is always open.

My work table is shabby and very much used.

Swinging around the room to my desk.
One day I will finally paint it.

The reason I love my desk, is this large desktop.
I shoot most of my photos on it.
I often wrap my customer's orders on this pull out shelf.

Who loves lace?

J'adore shabby bookcases,
especially $5 bookcases filled with lace.

My shabby lace station.

Perhaps you spotted my jewelry table.

I have the most fun here.

Who wouldn't have fun digging around 
jewelry pieces from then and now?

I find glass containers the most friendly
when creating and displaying jewelry.

My work table is always busy.

Shelves are a big part of any studio.

This high shelf stores many items above my work table.

Ever evolving displays

Purchases from France

Hooks are essential for hanging totes and tags.


Displaying gifts from friends

My religious vignettes keep me centered and peaceful.

Under my table are baskets of linen and lace.

Fabric pouches are stored in a 2 tiered French wire basket view from a shabby mirror.

I hope you've enjoyed this little studio tour.

Thank you so much Karen
for hosting such an incredible event.

Love to all, Rhonda


  1. What a beautiful space. So much to see and adore! Love all the lace!

  2. Oh! Be still my heart!!!! It is all sooo lovely! I just knew it would be fabulous Rhonda! Thank you so much for joining the party! Your studio was a feast for my eyes!!

  3. Girl you have been holding out.
    What a wonderful space you have set up and all your treasures are to die for.
    Love the all the glass. So elegant and smart way to display your goodies.


  4. Oh, such a lovely and peaceful space, Rhonda. Your vignettes are beautiful. ♥ ஆ

  5. You can never have too much lace or rhinestones. Not ever!! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Yummy room! I love the vintage whites and laces. You can never have too much of those!
    I could spend a lot of time in there feasting my eyes!!
    Thanks for the wonderful tour.

  7. lovely, just very...frenchy! thank you for the tour...

  8. What a delightful feast for the eyes. You must have wonderful times creating in there.

  9. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful space. I love your big work table an dthe bookcase full of lace. Goodies everywhere...what a delightful place to create in.

  10. What a beautiful studio Rhonda!!! You've surrounded yourself with so much wonderful inspiration, I love it all ~ xxoo, Dawn

  11. What a feast for the eyes. I could look at your space for days!!
    Love all your wire baskets.

  12. What a beautiful studio Rhonda.I love your work-love it all, what a inspiration;
    Thank you for this lovely tour.
    Hugs from Belgium,

  13. I so loved seeing your studio and all the wonderful things which are important to you. It is a beautiful space and speaks of a woman with a beautiful heart. The one word which always comes straight to mind when I see your photos is SERENE. Always. Thank you for sharing your studio with us.

  14. Hi Rhonda, I knew your studio would be awesome and it is. All the lovely whites combined with bits of beige, brown and black is just along my alley. Everything is decorated so beautifully with artwork, supplies and vintage finds. Very inspiring!
    Thank you for the wonderful tour and have a great weekend!

  15. Hay Rhonda,

    Wauw ...your space is like a white dream..
    All those old beautiful materials...
    You are a lucky woman..!

    Thank you for sharing with us..

    Please take a look into my world if you like...

    Love from Marijke from Holland

  16. Your room is to beautiful to work in...I would hate making it a mess but would love having it !

  17. Oh dear Rhonda ,
    This is so beautiful a room ,so lovely and filled with your gorgeous art. I love your shelves on top of each other with wonderful collected things,ad your glass domes over great materials.All so cosy,too, and in the Jeanne dÀrc style ,I love.
    Thankyou dear for showing.

  18. Oh, trinkets and treasures everywhere!
    I could sit and work for hours here.

  19. So very beautiful! I love the mix of dark woods and white. So wonderful to create when everything is right at your fingertips. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend. Tammy

  20. I LOVE IT!
    How wonderful these pictures are!
    I would like to have everything in this beautiful room.
    I'm in love... :)
    Greetz Eva

  21. Love your creative space. it is just beautiful. thanks for sharing


  22. Lovely,peaceful yet so much fun. Denise

  23. What a wonderful space! So many interesting things to look at and work with. Thank you for sharing with us.

  24. I can see why you loooove to create! Beautiful decorating job!

    Have a great day!

    Sensible Sarah

  25. Thanks for sharing everything is so beautiful and fair. I have always wondered about what your little studio looks like. So pretty. I invite you to visit my studio..

  26. Very nice Rhonda...I don't think I've ever been able to image the full scope of your studio space like this before. Thanks for sharing. It's a reflection of you, for sure...and no wonder your work is so charmingly romantic.....!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  27. Bon Jour!!!!

    it is a lot of Paris.......oooh la la love it!!!! I am loving all of these white rooms.......yours has the silver and Mary images to really make it special........beautiful!!!!

  28. Rhonda! Your studio space is lovely! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  29. just beautiful. Love all the shabbiness and the lace. sigh...

  30. serenely beautiful...heavenly...ethereal...romantic..charming...
    ooh la la STUNNING!! swoon..sigh....ADORE it mon amie! ;)

  31. Absolutely gorgeous Rhonda!!~
    You have done an amazing job filling your studio with amazing and beautiful treasures!!!
    I would love to have a place like this to create in.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  32. Oh how beautiful and French, just so dreamy, I would love to create with you. Hope you will visit me if you can.

  33. I could linger forever on this post. I am so inspired to change my office now! Pinned many lovely images to my dream boards today!


  34. Rhonda
    I could happily move into your Studio and never leave!
    Oh my goodness, you do know that after my tour I have become speechless at the beauty within this room.
    Thank you for opening the door for us to take this peek into your inner sanctum.

  35. What a wonderful place to create, it is just beautiful!
    You have totally inspired me today. A studio makeover has jumped up to number one on my fall to do list!

  36. Oh Rhonda, your impressive studio is brimming with inspiration! SO lovely and very well organized. I feel as though I am looking into a French Atelier. I love all your bits and pieces.
    How blessed you are to spend creative time here!

  37. GorgEous! Why, oh why don't you submit this to "Where Women Create" magazine? It is spectacular. Beautifully written and photographed. All women deserve to enjoy what you have created. It is so inspiring. Go, do it, now.

  38. Rhonda,

    I love your space! It is so soothing! My home is decorated very Americana. I want to tone down the red and the blue. Your blog just gave me some ideas. I will visit your Etsy shop too. Thank you!


  39. Our studio's are more then, just where we create." It is where our heart is, where our personality comes from, our private haven of nirvana.
    Your studio is lovely.

  40. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful world your studio!!!!
    Have a great WE

  41. Love, Love, Love your studio, Rhonda! I see some things that I have {on a much smaller scale for my smaller room} that you have. The baskets of lace and trim; the glass containers holding pieces you can see. I love how you've used your wall space to hang things, as well as utilizing your furniture pieces. Everything that you show as supplies and embellishments makes for a gorgeous vignette on its own. Thanks for the tour!

  42. Such a beautiful place to work. I would never leave :-)

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  43. What a beautiful space and everything is so well displayed, will have to go through it again, so much to see. Love it all, have fun visiting all the creative blogs, I hope to eventually make my way through all of them! Hugs Marilou

  44. Love, love everything!
    Yup, love the vintage lace, can't get enough myself.
    Love your creations as well.
    Thanks for sharing your space.

  45. Every single thing is ever so beautiful.

  46. The height of sophistication and elegance, it looks like a page from JDA magazine! Love it! Thank you for sharing.

  47. This place of yours makes my heart beat extra fast.
    Adorable. Love it!
    Eva Agnes

  48. Love, love every single picture. Thanks for sharing.


  49. Absolutely beautiful...... Thank you for sharing your creative studio!


  50. Beautiful space Rhonda! I love vintage and antiques.
    Thank you for sharing.

  51. I feel like I'm back in Paris! Love the space and the lace! Thanks for sharing. ~ Terri

  52. What an inspirational photo journey! Nothing shabby about your space ... I call it 'dreamy chic'. Simply beautiful! xoxo

  53. Rhonda...
    I adore white rooms...yours is one to die for sweetie!! I could sit and gaze at your photos for a LONG time. I especially like how you've so tastefully organized your bits and bobs throughout your space without "crowding" any one thing...nicely done darlin'!

    just me...sendin' you snaps from Texas...jan

  54. Pure sweetness! I would love to poke around in your studio!!!

  55. I too love anything french!!! What an inspirational space you have!!!

  56. Thank you for sharing your lovely studio. It is so inspiring, am loving all the lace and wonder white decor.
    Huggs ~Iantha~

  57. Oh Rhonda,

    C'est magnifique! I don't know how you ever glad you shared your beautiful and inspiring space.


  58. Wow - so pretty! I love it all. Thank you for sharing you wonderful, creative space with us. Outstanding photos as well.

  59. Rhonda,
    Your space is breath taking and beautiful. It looks like your lovely art pieces. Really beautiful.


  60. What a beautiful place to work in. I love all your vignettes, the lace, the doilies, the knick-knacks--everything! Thanks for sharing your lovely workspace.

  61. Hello Rhonda
    Everything is looking simply charming.
    I love all of your French touches, like your wire baskets full of shabby laces, postcards and ephemera, also the way you have displayed your jewellery over glass jars. Your religious touches in your artwork an draped rosaries are so beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing all of this.
    Wishing you much happiness in your studio.

  62. This is glorious - utterly lovely in every way. I'm a newbie, and in the throes of major house moves and partial emigrations, but I now have a very clear ideal to aspire to when I'm planning my craft space in the future! I'm completely enchanted and enthralled.
    Alison x

  63. Absolutely beautiful! I love all the religious vignettes, that Mary statue incredibile. The whole room is so peaceful and inspiring, I can see why you love it.

  64. ok, you win--and i mean that in the nicest way:) such a very charming space to create in , rhonda! i just love the crown on the dressform and cloche! love, love, love it all:)

  65. Your space is a whole lot of WOW.
    So gorgeous in the whites. Love all your organized bits, those cloche's are spectacular. Keep smiling and creating

  66. Your room is beautiful Rhonda - it's lovely to see how it's changed over the past years!
    You have so many wonderful treasures and so beautifully displayed. I bet your room is a wonderful place to be.
    (I haven't been to your blog in a while because for so long I wasn't able to load it properly n my computer, couldn't access the shop and couldn't comment. Happily, that's all changed and I can do it all!)

  67. You must so enjoy spending time in this wonderful room - absolutely sweet and breathtaking. I'll be back!

  68. WOW..what a fun space..I could spend days in your room..just looking and wandering..cozy..thanks for sharing...

  69. Rhonda, your space is obviously a delight to work in! It is a delight to take the virtual tour :)

  70. Stunning! And just how I envisioned it!


  71. Simply gorgeous! You have a beautiful studio, so bright and fresh! Just wonderful. thanks for sharing!


  72. Your studio is stunning....I would love to be able to reach in and get one of those fabulous necklaces....thank you for sharing!

  73. Stunning! Lots of inspiring ideas! I love all the white, guys you are making go in the whites!
    Thank you for the sneak peak!

  74. Love the beautiful whites. So expressive are your works and such an inspiration. I enjoy your blog and thanks for the tour of your inspirations!
    Suzy at Weathered or Not

  75. Oh My, I could just bring a suitcase and a sleeping bag and live in your fantastic work area !! Drooling over each and every photo.
    Love your blog and look forward to every post.

  76. Your space is as blissful as your beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing.

  77. Beautiful space, Im a big fan of white on white decore. You have very neat sortment of storage containers and I just love the antique hat pins.

    Thank you for sharing your space!!

  78. Your studio is absolutely lovely!
    All my favorite yummy creamy shades, and I love all of your creative storage ideas. Your Madonna images throughout your space are my favorite as I am in love with beautiful black and white vintage Madonna images myself :)

  79. What a gorgeous studio. Love all the amazing lace and beautiful touches throughout.

  80. Hi Rhonda, What an amazing space and so inviting. Your treasures so wonderful displayed is awesome. I love lace and yours are pure treasures. Everything is organized and perfect. I am in awe and so inspired.
    Thank you for sharing your great pics.
    Happy Creating,
    Celestina Marie

  81. Hi Rhonda, Your creative space is lovely. You have gone to a lot of time and effort to make it wonderful. I know you enjoy working there. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  82. A GORGEOUS space! I could spend hours and hours in your room playing! And your lace - oh la la! Looks like a lot of creative pieces come from you and your room. I'll be back to see!

  83. Oh I couldn't love your studio more. I am drooling big time. I love it and I am hoping you'll get to visit mine as well. I am pretty sure that I am already a follower here.

  84. Be still my heart. I could move right into your studio, and live happily ever after.

    Many thanks for showing every nook and cranny in your dream room.

  85. What an amazingly beautiful room, the white scheme is so soothing and I love all your little treasures! Thanks so much for sharing, I've bookmarked to come back for anther look :O)

  86. I enjoyed it very much and it really makes me want to get my studio organized and cleaned up

    love all the lace which I am always looking for and also old buttons and rhinestones
    I have plenty just need to create something now

    I have a 1200 square foot studio and really need to downsize
    it is packed also

  87. Your studio is stunning Rhonda. I am so glad I got to see where you make your magic!

  88. What an inspirational visit! Every photo has a story! What a lovely tour here.


  89. A beautiful room, I love your lace collection, I'm rather partial to a bit of lace myself. Thank you for the nose around your room.

  90. Oh Rhonda, you have such a beautiful space! I love all of your laces. :) thanks for the tour!


  91. Okay Rhonda,
    I am so jealous of your tidy and organized creative space! My space NEVER looks like that. It looks as if a tornado came by and then backtracked back through. I will post it one day and give everyone a good laugh at my madness! LOL. Hope you're having a great weekend and LOVE your studio serene!

  92. Who loves lace?

    I do! I do!

    And everything else in your wonderful studio! What a beautiful place - I can see why you'd have fun creating there!

    Thanks for the tour!

  93. OK so you clean up your studio, take photos and everything looks perfect. Then you have a give away? Over achiever!!!!! Kidding! It all looks beautiful, you have a beautiful studio! Rhonda you never let me down with all your posts. Your creativity is a real gift! Be back soon! Oh and put me in for the give-away!!! xoxoxo-cindy

  94. Lovely studio! Love the shabby chic!

  95. What a beautiful studio you have,Rhonda and so you:)Love it all.Thank you so much for the tour - I think I need to come back and look again.

  96. Your space is so beautiful. I love the the multiple shades of white and adore old lace. I found a little at a garage sale last weekend and never pass it up. Thanks for sharing your inspiring space.

  97. Your space is beautiful! I love all your trinkets and treasures, your vignettes are such eye candy. Thank you for sharing.

  98. Mercy! How did I not comment on your blog??!! I just savored every delightful moment you shared with us and I was over the top giddy!! So very charming and I am now going to put your blog down as one I must visit again! I would love to have you visit my blog to see what's been going on!!! Always love making new friends!

  99. Dearest Rhonda
    Oh I've sooo enjoyed having a peep into your studio, A M A Z I N G – I could create there all day too - wanna share a wee corner of it with me?!
    It's overflowing with everything that's YOU - creamy whites in abundance, your beloved religious statues, medals etc - those key ingredients that make up your inspiring art work that we admire and love so much.
    I'm drooling over everything and especially your exquisite lace (that won’t surprise you)!
    AND I just loved seeing some of my work in your studio!

    Thank you for your kind message today - it's good to be back and catching up with you and all my blogging friends. I thought of you when I was in Paris!
    love and hugs
    Shane xox

  100. just one word, divine!! Thanks for the tour.


  101. Rhonda,thanks for all the great french inspiration! You've inspired me greatly in my endeavors with my new blog! Pam

  102. I have no words: this is absolute haven to me...

  103. Whoa' this is so gorgeous and how I wish I could afford to have a luxurious property like this someday. You made me also inspired. Thank you.

    Khear | lot for sale in Philippines


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