Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sweet Salvage Treasures and a Preview

It was like Christmas Day to me!
I finally made it to a Sweet Salvage event.

This is what greeted you when you walked in.
I had not been this excited to treasure hunt since my Chicago days!
That chair on top of the table to right...well...I fell in love with it.
It did not go home with me but she will always be in my dreams.

This is my stash from Thursday night's party.

A beautiful chippy wrought iron stand.
For the garden or the home.
I love the way it looked against my shabby French sign at home.
I didn't blink an eye at the price.
Some things were meant to be.

and..all of this came home with me, too.

They don't call themselves Sweet Salvage for nothing!
It was sweet and if you love salvaged items, this is the place.

The designers set up the most incredible booths/displays.
I wish I had taken more photos but this gal was there to shop!


Here is a preview of what's been going on in my studio today.

Grabbing my French laces, fabric and tattered books....

Covering cover less paperbacks my way.

Finally using my French laces was so satisfying.
Hoarding them - storing them for what?
I say...pull it all out...get busy and use it!

This set had wonderful exposed bindings,
these two books were actually antique books, without covers.
I used my French ephemera on the fronts
and tied them up with French laces and French keys.

I'm off to dinner with my sweet adorable man.

I will be posting my first tutorial on Monday.
See you all then.

xo Rhonda