Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Last White Wednesday

Sending a heartfelt thank you to Kathleen
for a wonderful collection of White Wednesdays!

Pushing me every Tuesday night to put together
a White Wednesday vignette.

Keeping me designing in my head
in a constant search for a wonderful collection of whites.

I found White Wednesday through blog friends.
It wasn't just another linky party,
it challenged me to take a different approach to photography
meeting new bloggers, sharing creations, sharing a bit of our lives.

This one is for you, Kathleen, for creating a wonderful event
that brought so many of us together in one spot.

We all "heart" you!
You did a fabulous job!

Looking forward to your new adventures
and many, many best wishes and blessings.

Much Love, Rhonda


  1. Rhonda~ What a beautiful post.. and simply stunning work and photos!!!

  2. Beautiful WW post,dear Rhonda!
    Your creations are as stunning as ever.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to WW and Kathleen! You've said it well, Rhonda. I've gleaned so much inspiration from WW over the years, and your contributions have always impressed us all! :)

  4. Your post is beautiful and lovely send off for White Wednesday! Through my 3 years of blogging, WW has been the one linky party I've consistently stuck with...but I'm excited for Kathleen and her upcoming Etsy shop:)

  5. Dear Rhonda, I love your last WW post, as I have loved every other one,you made.
    Your pictures and decorations, your creations and beautiful images, are alwayes stunning.

  6. What a beautiful and touching tribute to Kathleen and all the other WW participants who have inspired you over the years.♥


  7. well said mon amie. i am heavy hearted tonight. we will all miss Kathleen's lovely linky party. Wednesdays will always be "white" in my eyes. Adore your post! ;)

  8. well said mon amie. i am heavy hearted tonight. we will all miss Kathleen's lovely linky party. Wednesdays will always be "white" in my eyes. Adore your post! ;)

  9. Absolutely beautiful White Wednesday post, Rhonda. I'll miss it.

  10. All of your posts are beautiful, but nine more so than your White Wednesday ones! I am constantly amazed not only at your talent in making beautiful things, but also in creating the vignettes that you do and in photographing everything so beautifully. Thank you for making my Wednesdays brighter and I will miss these posts.

  11. Such a beautiful post. I love the St Philomena images that you have shown. So lovely....she is one of my favorites to find when at the brocantes.

  12. Fantastic photos Rhonda. I bet you can't wait to get back to France and see Shirley's new treasures?
    All the best

  13. I am so inspired by all of your "White Wednesday" posts, that I will miss seeing them so much. Lovely and touching tribute to Kathleen! xo's Pam

  14. Your WW post is a beautiful tribute to Kathleen. As always, your photographs are so lovely and serene and making me feel so peaceful. I hope that you will carry on posting wonderful white pics occasionally.

  15. Rhonda,
    Beautiful white items! Your images are so pretty. I am enjoying your creations you show on your blog.


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