Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sweet Sweet Saturday and Angel's Wings

Open the windows and let that fall breeze in!
What a beautiful fall day we are having.
I've been creating inspiration kits this morning.

Two more are in the feels good to be passing on some inspiration. 

Petite gift tags ala moi.

More altered bezels for your creative soul.

Before I get back to my kits, 
I have to show you my most recent obsession.

The wonderful shop of Evelyn and Rose
Proprietor: the wonderfully talented Susan.

My angel wings arrived yesterday and what a delightful package!
I purchased two sizes and love them both.
Oh, Susan, please make more of these gorgeous wings!
We adore them so much!

Blessings to all - Rhonda


  1. What delightful goodies you shared with us today... your sweet inspiration kits and tags, your heavenly altered bezels, and Susan's gorgeous angel wings! Thank you for brightening my Saturday!


  2. Amazing photos Rhonda
    you always inspire me to want to get up to my studio and play.

  3. Skønne vintage ting, og dejlige luftige englevinger, tak for kik. knus morkaren.

  4. Wonderful inspiration Rhonda, you find the best images!

    Oh those angel wings - they fit in perfectly with your beautiful props.
    You are such a sweetie to share Susan's etsy with us.
    Shane ♥

  5. The Wings are Lovely and they look Beautiful in your Home!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Oh these lacy angel wings took my breath away, how cute are they?

  7. HERMOSO!!!!!!!!

  8. Magnifiques les ailes. Bravo, bon dimanche

  9. Aaah, such a lovely WHITE post...... on a Saturday!! Lol, I take your white posts any day of the week, they are always the perfect smile-producing, happy-making, feeling-warm-inside posts. I can see why you couldn't wait until Wednesday to show off those beautiful wings, they really are quite special. I love all your new creations as well, all in true Rhonda style.

  10. Dear Rhonda
    You always have the most wonderful adopted family to create with and also the perfect teeny touches to everything.
    I can see what you feel in love with those wings, I can imagine the sunlight filtering through them, so very special.

  11. Rhonda, you are too sweet! Thanks so much for sharing my wings. I just adore how they fit right into your home, along with your precious creations. These inspiration kits are so lovely, as are YOU!
    I just packed up the other small wings for you, and am thrilled they'll be joining your collection soon. Thank you so much mon amie!

  12. Hi sweet Rhonda,
    I love your gift tags, and beautiful bezels- and the kits are a lovely idea.
    Also better visit Evelyn and Rose to see those fantastic and awsome, angel wings-so adorable.
    Wish you a beautiful week, dear friend.


  13. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

  14. Your inspiration kits are absolutely beautiful,dear Rhonda.
    Oh, the wings are to die for:)
    Have a lovely week.

  15. They look beautiful in your home!
    Susan is so sweet and very talented!

  16. Your kits are very inspirational and those angel wings are dreamy!

  17. I have a pair of wings very similar to yours hanging near my front door. It's a little reminder that angels are nearbye watching over us all. I love the lace on yours it is so beautiful !

  18. Those gift tags are so very sweet and charming! Great idea to utilize vintage photos that way! And how sweet to give a shout-out to another blogger. The wings are a fabulous addition to your studio!


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French