Friday, November 30, 2012

November French Friday GiveAway Winners

Congratulations go to.......

Liz of Lululiz in la la land Blog - Woo Hoo Liz!!!
Shirley of Simply-Chateau Blog - Sweet Shirley!!!
Alexandra Eitel of Cottage Dreams Blog !!!

I was so excited choosing the winning random number generator numbers.
When it chooses people I chat with it, it tickles me a bit.
First one to email me which bundle they want - gets it.
First come first serve, as they say.
So, email me ladies and your package will be on it's way.

4 states and 4 planes later....
What an incredible Thanksgiving I had, flying with a friend,
back to our parent's homes for a short vacation.

I'm just now catching up, wrapping up orders
and with a new giveaway for December in the works.

(image via Pinterest)

The man of the house was NOT supposed to be putting up
Christmas decorations outside, on a ladder, without me.
Hmmm...but he did and they are beautiful.
(image via Pinterest)

Christmas is right around the corner and I'm lovin' it!!!
I promise my next post will include
 all my incredible treasure finds from this last trip.
(image via Pinterest)

I am waiting on my shipped box to be delivered.

Here are a few pieces I am getting ready to list soon.

and this 2nd scapular book sold very quickly!
I'm listing the last one later tonight.

Much love, Rhonda