Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Packed Light & Brought Little Treasures Home

Here are the treasures I found while antiquing in Illinois 
over the Thanksgiving holiday with my family.
I found several old cow bells and petite bells to decorate for Christmas,
bottles, silver tray, silver mirror, shabby crosses,
an architectural piece, photos, fabric frame, mini glass jars and crocheted doilies.
I carefully chose items, while digging around in the booths,
each piece has to serve a re-purpose.
I packed light and brought home so many little treasures.
I love using props in my photos.
My newly created shabby and primitive fabric crosses with found silver hearts.
Maybe because Christmas is so near but I cannot stop making ornaments.
From my home to yours
enjoy these pre-Christmas days
make your holiday a special one.

Much Love, Rhonda


  1. Did I miss where you went shopping in Illinois? Lovely treasures that found their way home to yours. The fabric crosses are sweet as are the other ornaments. Would you send some of that Christmas creativity my way?? I hope to start getting busy for the holiday!

  2. Rhonda we would be in so much trouble if we went back home together. I could show you the best digging spots in so. Il. Lol

  3. Such fun, Rhonda!
    I had to give my hubby the keys when we were gone for Thanksgiving to keep myself from going anywhere near those stores! I am in the process of organizing what I've already got, some of which will be an amazing rediscovery!, and that may take until next year! I am so happy YOU could do what I could not....and you got such wonderful beauties!

  4. Rhonda your treasures are all WONDERFUL!!! And your ornaments are just beautiful...I feel the same way, the time is going by so quickly now ~ xxoo, Dawn

  5. WOW - that was a worthwhile trip Rhonda!
    I can't wait to see what you do with these items.

    Joyeux Noël
    Shane ♥

  6. Du er heldig at finde så skønne, skønne vintage ting. knus morkaren.

  7. oh my...where to begin! i saw nothing like your sweet tresors in London! truly! you scored BIG mon amie!! who can say: "Start the car!!! Start the CAR!!!"

  8. Beatutful finds dear Rhonda,- you was lucky to have made place for it all :-)
    Your ornaments are so lovely.

  9. Rhonda
    Where in IL did you shop ?
    Would love to do dome myself and will be driving thru next week.

  10. What a fantastic haul!! Christmas must be unbelievably pretty in your house!!
    Alison x

  11. You found a lot of lovely treasures. Drooling!

  12. Ohhhhhhh My!!! Those sweet fabric crosses are beautiful!!! You did so good picking out the right treasures, love it all! Have a great weekend Rhonda!

  13. Hello Rhonda! Wow, you really found some fabulous treasures while home for Thanksgiving. I love these vintage pieces, and how neat to find cow bells! I hope you had a wonderful time visiting your family. I've been a poor blogger in November, but hope to catch up more this month. I always love to visit you here!
    Merry season to you!

  14. Oh my goodness Rhonda you did come home with some very special finds!
    Love your Christmas ornaments - looking so delicate!


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