Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Packed Light & Brought Little Treasures Home

Here are the treasures I found while antiquing in Illinois 
over the Thanksgiving holiday with my family.
I found several old cow bells and petite bells to decorate for Christmas,
bottles, silver tray, silver mirror, shabby crosses,
an architectural piece, photos, fabric frame, mini glass jars and crocheted doilies.
I carefully chose items, while digging around in the booths,
each piece has to serve a re-purpose.
I packed light and brought home so many little treasures.
I love using props in my photos.
My newly created shabby and primitive fabric crosses with found silver hearts.
Maybe because Christmas is so near but I cannot stop making ornaments.
From my home to yours
enjoy these pre-Christmas days
make your holiday a special one.

Much Love, Rhonda