Saturday, February 16, 2013

Inspired to Organize

I have always had an inspiration box on my work table.
Certainly with all the inspiration we get daily
from Pinterest and other blogs....getting inspired has become a way of life.
All it took was one image 
and I grabbed an old wood box
and started filling her up with supplies.
Everything is ready to pull for my customer's packages. 
Create a supply box of your own, you will not be sorry.
I always tuck in a little surprise in with my orders.
I always have.
It makes me smile and I know it makes them smile, they tell me so.

It's velvet dreams right now in my studio
for a couple of special orders. 
I have so many custom orders to finish 
but I'm in heaven working with this beautiful velvet fabric at the moment.

The gorgeous white gathered fabric beneath this velvet piece
is from Ikea
yes I said Ikea.
It's the Ofelia Blanket, a super soft blanket 
that you will not want to let out of your sight.
I should have grabbed two.
picture courtesy of Ikea

Hello to all my new followers - I will be stopping in soon!

Have a wonderful weekend, mes amies.