Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wearing the Past

Yesterday I was living in the past.
 Pulling out my authentic gem tintypes and using them in my jewelry. 
 It was tedious and it was very time consuming but at the end of the day, I smiled.
You see, I love to keep my supplies for a long long time before using them.
I know a lot of you do the same thing.
It isn't easy cutting an antique piece of anything, 
whether it be fabric, lace, paper or a tintype.
 Finding the right settings could take months.

My pieces are simple compared to most designs.
I personally like to wear several necklace pieces at the same time.
I like grouping my necklaces together. 
I created these to wear alone or grouped with other necklaces.
I really love the art deco findings I found and
 they are what inspired me to finally create these three necklaces.
Gem tintypes with rosy cheeked women.
They are my favorite tintypes, a bit of color in them.
Wearing the past.
I am no longer apprehensive to create with tintypes and jewelry.

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xo Rhonda