Monday, April 22, 2013

Oui Oui French Flea Market Finds

It's a wonderful world when sellers scour 
the French flea markets and give people like
me a chance to relive my trip to France.
It's not like my carry-on bag wasn't heavy enough....
I was heavy...but you just know you left so much behind.
So when wonderful shops give us a chance to buy
these French treasures, it makes this gal extremely grateful.
French shops on Etsy to French sellers online.
One seller said to me, I cannot wait to see what you do with these.
Well, for now, I'm just simply adoring them.
Then one day, I might have to let it day.
A small key to happiness.
Simple French finds.


  1. Ha, ha... you're like me! Love the thrill of finding a fabulous treasure only to hang onto it for a while! It's just so hard to let them go sometimes. You were very generous to put the link up to these french vendors. Now guess where I am off to!! Ta, ta...

  2. It is lovely people like you who enable us to indulge in our passion for haggling at French brocantes and save us from having to buy bigger houses to accommodate all our found treasures ;-)

  3. I love all your beautiful little finds, especially the keys ... I collect them! I dream of going to France to scour the markets someday soon. M x

  4. are you???

  5. What precious little finds! Love the cross with France across the front. Can't wait to see what you do with your new stash!


  6. Rhonda the religious items you've created in your shop are so beautiful!!! I just popped over to take a look...they are so lovely!!!


    :) T

  7. Oh Rhonda, they are wonderful finds,-
    I love them, and would have kept them myself, hehe- So happy for you, that you have found such treasures.
    There is a little something off to you today!
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  8. I love little keys and keep every one I find at estate sales
    the little cross is wonderful with France on the back

  9. Hi Rhonda,
    I love your new/old treasures. Your comment about the carry on being overflowing had me reminiscing about traveling through England with a big, heavy, beveled velvet Victorian mirror I had bought while I was at a flea market over there. And yes, I carried that thing through the underground, train stations, buses and 3 airports. Ha ha. The things we do for our vintage. Have a great week my friend!

  10. wonderful finds. love the blue metal pieces.


  11. i see your paquet arrived! oh did NOT disappoint I see! swooning here.....sigh....(SO jealous!!);)

  12. The keys are wonderful, old keys just hold so much to learn from. What wonderful French room did it allow entrance? The soft blue color is gorgeous too.

  13. Wonderful finds Rhonda - everything is just perfect.


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