Friday, May 10, 2013

Jeanne d'Arc Living

Why is it some decisions take forever
and other decisions, 
there is absolutely no hesitation at all?
Perhaps it's fear of the unknown that causes us to hesitate
and excitement that causes us to say I'm doing this.
I cannot describe the excitement of this decision.
Jeanne d'Arc Living contacted me and asked me if I would
 consider becoming a retailer and sell their products/magazines in my shop.
It took me some time to decide
but after careful consideration, 
I placed my first order.
Soon to be in my shop
the beautiful and French Nordic style of

My trip home to Chicago was amazing.
I will have more pictures in another post real soon.
Here are a few quick shots of some
 of the treasures found during our hunts.

The Blue Pear was one incredible shop.
I promise to share more soon.
My head is still in the clouds.


  1. Woo hoo Rhonda! What delightful news! Your artwork and the Jeanne D'Arc Living style go hand-in-hand. I think you've made a great decision, and can't wait to see the goodies.

  2. Hi sweet Rhonda,-
    Congratulations,I wish you lots of luck!! -I have myself been selling the mag. in my real shop ,but when they started selling their Jeanne Dàrc supermarkets here in Denmark I stopped!!
    Dear Rhonda I wonder if you still haven`t recieved my little gift, send some time ago?? I so hope it will soon arrive to you, and that it is not lost!!
    Weekend hugs- from Dorthe

  3. Congratulations,dear Rhonda.Such wonderful news.Wishing you a great weekend.

  4. Great news, Rhonda, from what I have seen on blogs, this is a fantastic magazine. I have never been able to find it in the UK or France.
    Your photographs are as lovely as ever, they are always so, well, soothing, I love looking at them.

  5. Will your Etsy shoppe be carrying these new items?

  6. Most of the Jeanne d'Arc Living products are in my blog shop. I am in the process of creating vignettes using the JDL products in my etsy shop.

  7. Rhonda,
    Congrats! What a compliment! They KNOW that everything you touch is magic! So fun for you!

  8. Thank you Rhonda for taking the time to visit me, and leaving a comment that joys.

    Love all you inspire over here, I so love Jeanne d' Arc Living, I am a big fan of her magazine. This is a beautiful addition to your site and now that I am following you I will be looking forward to all your featured posting and treasures.

    keep inspiring us with all your beauty.


  9. Congratulations on your new venture! I am excited to see what is in store.
    Love your new cabinet photos too! Hope you had a great time on your trip.


    Oh, the boys were awesome and full of kisses too on mother's day. Glad to here yours was a happy one!

  10. Rhonda,
    Well that does it. Decision made, I buy my JDA from you! These pictures are making me want to get out of my warm snuggly bed & do something wonderful! So pretty.
    Have a great day friend.


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