Sunday, May 19, 2013

La Shoppe La Inspiration

The Blue Pear shop, I dream of shops like this.
You know those shops you walk in and think "I'm home".
Yes, I did bring that pillow home.
My trip to Chicagoland was full of treasure hunting.
This was a city square filled with antiques, shops and cafes.
Treasures everywhere and it brings a tear to my eye what I left behind.
This is a meant to be story.
My cousin was coming up the stairs in one antique store,
just as I was ready to go down the stairs.
I thought there wasn't anything I wanted on that floor.
I decided to give it one more round and saw this on the wall.
So glad my cousin came up those stairs
or I would have missed it.
Speaking of my cousin,
she brought a box of vintage goodies that day.
We shopped even before we left the house.
Some of the gorgeous pieces from that box, shops and flea markets.
Merci, cousin, you always share the most beautiful treasures.

I did not get to bring it all home with me.
Mom will be shipping a box to me soon.
I promise to share, once again, 
more of the wonderful treasures I found.