Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Whisper of Wishes

When you are all alone and enjoying a peek at Pinterest or Etsy,
 do you ever softly whisper secret wishes?
Let's face it, we are exposed to a lot of images daily.
Sorting it all out in our heads, pin it, buy it, 
add to our favorites, or simply enjoy it.
We cannot stop looking, I mean, we might miss something, right? 
All images are from my studio.
This is my way of whispering to you, enjoy this moment.
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of Timewashed 


  1. Hvor har du ret, jeg nyder altid billederne på din blog, og pinterest er slarafenland, hvor tiden bare går uden man opdager det. knus morkaren.

  2. Like a breath of fresh air to start my day! Thank you Rhonda...


  3. Whispered wishes abound in my head constantly ... Lovely pics. M x

  4. Yes, I do whisper, and sigh. A lot, lol. Your photographs are beautiful, as always, so calming and like a gentle little hug. xx

  5. Girl more than you know, lol
    a lot of, if only, sighs....
    Your photos are always so inspiring and clear. You must show me your secret if we meet this weekend ;)

  6. shhhh...i hear you! oh yes...I HEAR you! (lovely.....sigh)

    and did i read where you and ames might meet???? OMG! excited and sad at the same time..wish i could be there too!!! ;) ;(

  7. Hi Rhonda, mhh, yes, when I see these lovely treasures, I wish I could just grab through my screen, sigh, lol.

  8. I'm hearing your soft whisper, Rhonda. :) Just adore how you juxtapose these lovelies.

  9. I can never stop looking here on your blog, dear Rhonda, alwayes filled with beautiful art and decorations, and also ogten whispers ,and dream!!! Your blog alwayes gives me a happy break in my day, and I leave with beauty in my mind!!!
    Hugs and love, Dorthe.
    Rhonda, what are you doing monday when Google Friends Connect are closing down?? I se no Blogloving or other wayes to follow you ???

  10. After a tour of your studio I wanted to see more of your blog - it is stunning and your creations are so beautiful!!


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French