Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Shade of French Grey

I have always loved grey, all shades of grey.
So when the Fedex truck pulled up this Saturday morning
and my Curious Sofa chippy grey risers arrived,
I simply knew I had to try my hand at dying grey.
I never knew how easy this technique was.
I boiled the water,
I collected the fabric, laces and crocheted pieces,
I added the powder Rit dye, stirred in my pieces and viola!
As I dried each piece outside in the morning sun,
I watched them as they turned color in the summer breeze.
Each piece turned out differently than the next.
It's like an experiment in color
happening before your very eyes.
All various shades of grey or gray
(actually, both spellings are correct)
Stepping out of my comfort zone of white and beige.
I call these pieces French Grey.