Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Shade of French Grey

I have always loved grey, all shades of grey.
So when the Fedex truck pulled up this Saturday morning
and my Curious Sofa chippy grey risers arrived,
I simply knew I had to try my hand at dying grey.
I never knew how easy this technique was.
I boiled the water,
I collected the fabric, laces and crocheted pieces,
I added the powder Rit dye, stirred in my pieces and viola!
As I dried each piece outside in the morning sun,
I watched them as they turned color in the summer breeze.
Each piece turned out differently than the next.
It's like an experiment in color
happening before your very eyes.
All various shades of grey or gray
(actually, both spellings are correct)
Stepping out of my comfort zone of white and beige.
I call these pieces French Grey.


  1. Hello Rhonda,
    Lové the mood over here so peaceful and feeling of age creatively.
    When I see piles of beauty me head spins to as what can I create with it or do I just want to leave it as is so everyone knows I create with salvage and textiles what else is there so moving to ones soul.

    About the colour and SPELLING of GRAY and GREY, they both spell grey true, here's the scoop I love spelling it GREY because I am French and Irish, it you lived in Europe you would spell it GREY this is how the Europeans spell it, if you live in the United States this is how you spell it GRAY! Same meaning just different spelling, so spelling is choice and I love it that we have a choice.
    When I am writing anything French or expressing anything French in a post I spell it GREY. So your right to write it either way and it means the same thing.

    Love all you create here Rhonda , beauty surrounds you.

    Lots of love and inspiration this coming week and the rest of what July offers you.


  2. Beautiful post. I love the crown.

  3. Very pretty, Rhonda! The pieces themselves and the color. I don't know why I never think to dye things.

  4. Stunning as always! I am becoming more and more fond of grey too. I like to use grey rather than gray so I agree with the first poster. =)


  5. Your French Grey is wonderful, it seems to evoke a lovely calmness don't you think.
    - Jeanette

  6. LOVE the grey! I just finished a piece today that I sewed in my favorites whites and ecrues...grey is my next favorite and I think I will try dying some that color too! Thanks for the beautiful inspirations!

  7. Love the Grey Rhonda. I think you would really appreciate the lace that I am bringing from Sicily. I will share photos as soon as I get home. Unfortunately I was not able to find lace at the markets this time, the vendors are all gone but I had some amazing ladies giving me old old old lace. Ciao Rita

  8. I love what you have done with this gorgeous lace.
    Sometimes the stark white of crochet doilies or lace looks too harsh but the grey that you have used gives it a soft and interesting look. Lovely !

  9. Hi Rhonda,

    The color turned out great!!.
    The lace looks so lovely. Both your photo's and your art are always so inspiring.
    Just love it !!

    Have a great week !

    Wilma, Shabby Royale.

  10. Hi Rhonda, I've recently started to love grey and thought of dying some lace and fabrics. My plan was to use some natural dyes but I haven't been engaged in that topic yet. I love the greys you achieved with your dye product.
    Have a great week!

  11. Love, LOVE these gray pieces Rhonda! You have me swooning. I think gray is my new favorite color, too. It is such a peaceful neutral. I adore how you've styled your pretties with the risers. Don't you just love those Curious Sofa treasures?

  12. I die!!!!! As always, I find the tension in my shoulders dissipate as the look and topics speak right to my heart! I was wondering... whenever I picked up a packet of Rit Dye I get intimidated when reading the directions. Tub full of water (massive amounts), stirring constantly for 45 minutes.. it all sounded like too much. My question is did you create your own directions by using less boiled water and less product? Did you agitate the laces for 45 minutes? Thanks so much for helping me out!

  13. I love the transformation of your whites into grey, very daring..
    The outcome is great! I'll give it a try.

  14. The grey is so soothing to the eyes and also I feel to the mind. You achieved a most beautiful, authentic aged appearance to the pieces.
    Completely gorgeous.

  15. P.S. I am having problems with wordpress and access to my URL which is why I am using Stampdiva, the only way I am able to leave a comment.

  16. Hi dear Rhonda,
    You coloured some most beautiful old pieces, and laces, and they turned out amazingly wonderful in this new tones of grey!! Your photoes are gorgeously showing the beauty of them, and I know you will create little lovely art pieces of French sweetness with them!!
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  17. Love strolling your page.
    Your romantic style makes me feel so peaceful and really inspires.

  18. I just have to learn how you make all these wonderful things and find the antique lace and material to do it. I love this and I think I have found a home.


  19. Crochet is so elegant and this shade of color is beautiful! Very nice!

  20. Oh my I love grey and lace. I am swooning over your lovely pieces of bliss.

  21. I love greys too. My granddaughter loves French so I love it too. It feels so good here at your place.
    I'm going to become a follower.



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