Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer & Sweet Friends

Oh, the heat has arrived.
We had such a beautiful spring.
I shall not complain.
 As soon as I got home Wednesday afternoon,
I pulled out the goods...when that surge of creative energy hits, I run with it.
 Finished vintage key pendants, listed and sold.
 A few shabby pieces to be filled with treasures
and then in my Etsy shop they go.
 Vintage rhinestones always in demand.
 I'm framing a lot this weekend.
From Marie Antoinette to Mother Mary.
 I will be listing Saturday & Sunday morning.
 A petite French banner using tulle.
Yep, it's hot but my muse is here with me.
It's the only way I can explain this creative surge.
Are you still with me?
I've got more. 
Two Midwest girls who moved to the desert.
I had lunch last weekend with my good friend
It took nearly 4 years but we finally met!
Amy's vintage style has inspired me for years!
We could barely eat, for neither of us
 could believe we were finally meeting in person.
As we lunched at the French restaraunt Mon Ami Gabi,
at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, we watched the beautiful
water show at the Bellagio across the street.
I'm still excited I got to meet the most talented & sweet Amy.
This is what makes blogging so much sweeter!
Gifts from across the ocean.
Much to my surprise I found this delightful gift in my mail.
Sweet Dorthe of Den Lille Lade
your magical hands create such beautiful and precious dolls!
I love her!
Thank you my friend, my fairy is hanging above me every day!
I am blessed to be surround by such good friends, don't you agree?
It's raining and I must run outside to enjoy it!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
A special bonjour to all my new followers!


  1. What a lovely post, Rhonda. It must have been such a great feeling finally meeting a long standing bloggy friend. The fairy Dorthe sent you is gorgeous, as are all her dolls, and your new creations, sigh, they always make my heart go pitterpatter very fast.

  2. My dear Rhonda,
    Your frames will hold most wonderful things when finished , I know!!
    Oh and all those rhinestones makes me gasp- they looks fantastic on your tray dear, as do also your key pendants!!!
    Sweet friend, it is a happy feeling to know the fairy is now in your studio with you every day,- yes, it is truly a blessing to be surrounded by good friends- I am happy you are here in my room, with me too ,dear.
    So wonderful for you, to meet Gabi.... a wonderful photo of both of you!! Hugs,Dorthe

  3. How wonderful to get to meet and spend time at such a beautiful place! Love your sweet fairy! Sweet hugs!

  4. Your creations are lovely, as is your studio. Yes, it is really fun to be able to meet another blogger in person.

  5. My sweet friend it was such a great pleasure finally getting a moment to meet.
    I had such a wonderful time, but we both hushed long enough to inhale that coffee and dessert LOL
    I can't wait to do it again.
    PS your talents are endless I just love what you did with our photo!
    Have a great weekend!!

  6. So many lovely things. Such a cute doll.

  7. Beautiful gifts from Dorthe,
    She does the MOST amazing work! such beauty and every doll has it's own personality. I know you will enjoy them so much! I am so hapy for you to have met Amy, I have loved the things I purchased from her...hope things all work well for her, I am sure she loved seeing and visiting with you. That restaurant is so good and such a great view of the Bellagio! We ate there when we were in Las Vegas in January for a short anniversary trip. Loved the restaurant and the water show! All your items or so beautiful! I better get into your shop quickly!

  8. you two look SO cute together! i am sure ti was an amazing moment...SO jealous!! as for your latest ETSY pieces.....ADORE them all! (and you're one lucky lady to receive a one-of-a-kind dorthe doll! her work is so lovely!) happy day mon amie! ;)

  9. It is most evident that your Muse has been busy with the lovely creations you share with us. What pretty frames, so perfect for a Marie theme. I have been playing with a Marie theme myself using beautiful stamps to form a pendant.
    Anyway this isn't about me lol. How lovely that you managed to have lunch with your friend and as for our sweet friend Dorthe, oh that precious angel will carry sweet thoughts on her wings for you.

  10. What a wonderful post Rhonda! First off, I adore your new creations. The creative muse has visited you for sure and led your talented hands to make the most precious treasures.
    I'm so happy that you met Amy! She's awesome and quite talented as well.
    This blogland sure is special for meeting wonderful kindred spirits. I love your gifts from Dorthe, too.
    You're very blessed, and no wonder. :)

  11. Gorgeous creations Rhonda. I MUST get busy creating.


  12. Hi dear Rhonda,
    such beautiful gifts from our dear Dorthe.Your new creations are to die for and I'm happy for you that you get to meet with your friend.
    Have a wonderful day.

  13. Good morning, I am a new reader and follower-loved your post very much-always so good to meet up with a long time friend-especially from the net. Love your French banner and keys Kathy


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