Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Path to Creativity

 If you follow blogs
then you know that everyone's path to creativity is different.
 A co-worker and friend created the most beautiful cards.
One embellishment from a card had me Googling (is that a word?)
 where she might have bought the embellishment.
 I stumbled upon Etsy and the rest is history.
 It takes a long time to actually find what exactly you want to create.
I'm like most women and I go off in so many different directions
with the high hopes of being able to create whatever I want.
 Well, we all know that is not always so easy to do.
So, I will leave the soldering and crocheting to others.
(I cannot do either very well, no matter how hard I try)
You have to find a medium that suits you.
After all, who else enjoys cutting French words
 out of book pages with tiny scissors?
You will find me in my studio most weekends
 tinkering with my jewelry findings or sewing with thread all over me.
I will admit, some pieces take longer than others
but the joy is in the finished treasure.
Find your path and start creating 
and perhaps it will help light your way in life.
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  1. beautifully stated.
    Your lockets are gorgeous!

  2. I love this sentiment, Rhonda, as well as your new lockets! Thank you for reminding each of us to be ourselves! :) Robyn

  3. I know what you mean about not being good at everything and going off on so many tangents. I've always been a trier of lots and never master of one and that makes me feel a tad guilty. Should I stick to one thing and become a master at it or just follow my heart and do a bit of this, bit of that. I sometimes never do anything because I get so confused because I have so many things I want to try. Does that make me a bad crafter? I struggle sometimes with my jewellery making because I think I'm not creative enough or good enough because I don't actually create the components I use. Are my final objects better or worse than someone else's who soldered the bezel etc when I just bought mine? Do I go and learn soldering. I think I'll enjoy it, but the components and classes cost a lot and if I don't like it or am not good at it, that's a lot of dollars. I have to keep telling myself it doesn't matter so long as I'm happy with what I do. But it is something that often prays on my mind...

  4. Very pretty, Rhonda! Good post, too. I admire so many of the pretty things others make, but I know I just don't have an interest {or the patience in some cases} to do those things myself. I stick with what I love now. In fact, I'm so excited to be starting in on sewing some Christmas stockings! I just got a bunch of fabrics in and I'm eagerly looking forward to a day to start cutting all the patterns out.

  5. So true and the things you make are beautiful.

  6. ...and you do so well at your creations! I love your photos and your beautiful tresors. I haven't tried to solder yet and don't even want to start crocheting again. I did granny squares years ago and that is about it. lol

  7. As always absolutely beautiful,Rhonda.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Great post Rhonda and the jewelry is wonderful.

  9. lovely post-I agree we all need to find where our creativity leads us

  10. I am absolutely in love with all of your stuff! Gorgeous. I'm a new blogger, so blog hunting I went and stumbled upon you. Blessings!

  11. Everyone on this wonderful planet Earth has there own talent. When each person follows his/her own talents there will always be unique ,beautiful creations. Sometimes it just takes a while to figure out what makes our heart sing. Yours is obviously singing because your work is so lovely. Keep on loving what you do x

  12. So well said, Rhonda! One can think "well, I'm creative.. I should be able to pick up this new art form!" Soooo not true! I would get so frustrated when I would work beside a friend who took to something like a duck to water. And there I would be creating a mess!! I'm still working on finding the ONE thing that I excel at.. wish me luck!

  13. Gorgeous reliquary Lockets Rhonda! What a wonderful idea to fill them with little treasures! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend.



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