Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Blissful Summer Weekend

My weekend started with this basket of supplies on Friday night.
I had vintage and antique books to unwrap and supplies to put away.
I like to start with a clean work space.
I woke up Saturday and started in, coffee in hand.
I created bundles for inspiration.
I even pulled out the saved laces from France.
Then I started sewing fabric image rolls.
These never last long in my shop.
I found trims from France that I meant to sell a long time ago..
I ran downstairs to dye more crocheted pieces.
I love how there was a soft breeze to dry them in the sun.
It's been a busy summer and we have had lots of plans, 
friends from out of town, pool busy and loving it.
Somehow, squeezing in time to create seems more special.
I am painting, sewing and creating jewelry from the minute I wake up.
I hope you've enjoyed my newest creations.
I know some of you already own a few of these.
Enjoy these last months of summer
as fall (my favorite season) is right around the corner.
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Merci Becky for hosting every week!
Sharing a simple day in my studio with you.


  1. Beautiful photographs, beautiful treasures. I love your fabric image rolls, especially that photograph of the young girl with the doll. It is sooooo adorable.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful, Rhonda! I love seeing all your supplies and creations laid out.

  3. Lovely pictures, every single one.
    Love all the lace, and love love love what you did with the old pictures encases in lace and tulle.
    Brilliant idea.......
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Summer pleasures all to be enjoyed. Your creations are lovely. Happy Hearts...

  5. Sweet Rhonda,
    your fabric rolls are so very beautiful- really ADORABLE-- and your white vintage rosary locket is a gorgeous piece too!! I so enjoy seing parts of your creative life, in your beautiful studio,- thankyou sweetie!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. A lovely 'Blissful Whites' post Rhonda.
    I adore everything - especially your fabric image rolls - very inspiring.
    Shane xox

  7. It`s so GREAT!!! You so talanted!!! Love you work so much!!!!!

  8. what a delightful w-end you've had mon amie! sigh..i so wish i could have spent it with you...creaitng away in your lovely studio. and look..another w-end is almost upon us!;)

  9. What beautiful pieces! I found you at Timewashed and am following via Feedly. Have a lovely weekend :)


  10. Old soul of créating .
    Love the altered art garland of soulful vintage photos.
    Would love to sit and create with you!

    Beautiful month of days that inspire your art.
    Keep inspiring us with your creativeness!


  11. I just fell in love with your fabric rolls,Rhonda:)Will order some soon.Have a wonderful day.

  12. So, so beautiful Rhonda! Every photo is pure magic!

  13. Awww I love your fabric rolls they are so so adorable i have to lift them, i will link back to your gorgeous inspiration blog your so creative and vintage which i simply adore so much

  14. Lovely photographs. I didn't find any image rolls in your shop yet. Let me know.


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French