Friday, August 30, 2013

French Friday Giveaway WINNER & News

There is nothing like a box
 of creating goodies headed your way!

Cindy, please contact me and I will send your 
French Friday Giveaway
La French Box on it's way to you!
The next French Friday GiveAway is
Friday, October 4th.
Exciting NEWS
I will be heading to Brimfield, Massachusettes next week!
Following a family wedding in Connecticut, there will be some antiquing 
at the Brimfield Antique Show
 meeting up with the beautiful and talented 
You all know how dangerous it is for us bloggers to finally meet!
Michelle and I can talk of nothing else!
Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday weekend!


  1. Congratulations to Cindy! And have FUN!!!

  2. I am so jealous Rhonda! I wish I could meet you BOTH!!!!

  3. Congratulations to the winner.
    Rhonda, have a wonderful time.
    P.S. Adorable photograph.

  4. Hi friend, I have a blog about the arts in general, a Agulha e tricot by Tita Carré, already visited?
    have an interest in exchanging links with you, it works well, I put your link on the sidebar of my blog
      and you put my link in your sidebar, if you have interest please contact me, hugs.

  5. lol! SO love that pic! that's you and "moi" mon amie!!! who will get a word in edgewise???? SO excited!!! ;)

  6. Congratulations, Cindy!! What a gorgeous treasure chest is headed your way!

    Brimfield!!!! One of my sisters lives less than a half hour from Brimfield and has yet to invite me to come up for one of the show weeks! *sobs*: ((( She, who is not into antiques, calls it the "fair", like it's some local church-sponsored event! *gasps* Can you imagine?!?

    I just know that you, dear Rhonda, and our sweet, petite one will have a blast! Please take lots of pics!


  7. thanks for all the congrats! i can't tell you how shocked and surprised i was when i saw my name as the winner. i have entered blog giveaways before, but never won. this one makes up for that - what a beautiful prize. i can't wait to start creating! cindy lanier in idaho

  8. Congrats to Cindy!

    I've been thinking of going to Brimfield this year .... and bring lots of money!!! :-D

  9. Oh dear Rhonda, that will be a fantastic week, with wedding, and then meeting sweet Michelle Louise ,- you two lucky ones... I wish you a wonderful time together, and hope to hear and see something from your time together :-)
    Congratulations to Cindy.
    Hugs and happy tour -
    Dorthe, xoxo

  10. Congratulations to Cindy your so fortune

  11. Congrats to the winner!
    I know you and Michelle will have a wonderful day together! I've had the pleasure of meeting Michelle and she is one of the most warm and kind people I have ever met! By the end of the day I felt as if I have known her forever! Have fun in Brimfield, I am hoping to get there this week too!

  12. What fun! I long to go to Brimfield! That many antiques in one place gives me heart palpitations :)

  13. How delicious, congrats to the winner. I am just a little bit envious :-)

  14. Congratulations to the very lucky winner.Have the most wonderful time together and say hi to Michelle for me:)

  15. Cute Photo of the animals!! I was stopping by in hopes I could get your help....I've been nominated on Martha Stewart and I was trying to get Votes to help Win...if you have time I would love to see you come by, Vote and also entry in a giveaway for your support!! Your able to vote 6 times in a row daily until Sept. 13th!! I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks so much!

  16. Contrats to your winner, I know first hand how beautiful it is to win something from the beautiful Rhonda!
    It is wonderful that you met up with Michelle she is a doll and she just featured me over at her place, this was so unexpected and such an honor to be in with her other choices in her beautiful company.

    Will be looking forward to what's coming up for your designs now through the holidays.


  17. Thank you Rhonda,
    For taking time from playing on the beach to visit me. So jealous, wish I were taking in the soothing calm grey of the beach right now! Let your day be filled with inspiration, collect some driftwood and string it for a holiday garland.

    Thank you sweet dear friend for adding a thought of calm to my day.

    Blessings to you and yours.


  18. Cindy is one lucky gal for winning that gorgeous box of treasures and goodies

  19. Loving your blog!!! Congrats to the winner!!!

  20. What a beautiful giveaway, congrats to the winner.


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