Saturday, September 14, 2013

When Bloggers Meet

When bloggers meet - it can make others wonder what is going on.
Meeting up with Michelle of Petite Michelle Louise.

We met under a small red & white tent at Brimfield.
We screamed, hugged and screamed some more!
Michelle looked at my black travel bag and said
"that bag isn't big enough"

She was right!

 Next time, I will bring a huge canvas bag, Michelle, I promise.
Yep, that's me holding in a laugh in both pictures.
I could not stop SMILING.
Treasure hunting with Michelle was like a dream come true.
A tent full of chandeliers and crystals!
Michelle had scoped out all the treasures before I got there.
What a treasure she is!
I often wondered what it would be like to treasure hunt with Michelle.
Now I know!
We walked up on these French Marque letters - gasped and each bought one.
Most of the time Michelle was finding treasures and saying
"Oh Rhonda, look at this!" 
These are just "some" of my treasures from that beautiful New England day. 
 A special MERCI to Claire and Michelle for all of these gorgeous
religious treasures they kept hidden for me until I got there.
Michelle did not come empty handed.
Perfect greys and heartfelt gifts.
Meeting a blogging friend is the most incredible experience.
You already know you are kindred spirits.
You've emailed, spoken on the phone, text'd (especially during hockey playoffs).
You've even shared life's experiences
 but you've haven't met face to face.
Please, if you ever get the chance to meet a blogging friend, DO IT.
This summer I was blessed to meet Amy of Vintage Marketplace and Michelle.
I am one happy blogger!
Adore you gals!


  1. How lucky you both are to have met each other in person! I hope I am just as lucky one day!!

  2. Oh wow, what treasures you found. it is great to meet blogging friends. Hope you get to go to a real Vide Grenier one day,

    Lucy x

  3. Oh both your faces say it all dear Rhonda!!!
    What a perfect day!!!
    Totally "in sync" shopping - that's a rare experience such fun!

    My mouth is watering - those beautiful holy medals and crosses - oh and the crystals too - yum yum!
    I know just what you're doing this weekend!
    Shane xox

  4. To much fun! I bet you'all had so much to share and talk about, love both your blogs, Di@Cottage-wishes

  5. What a great time it looks like you have. I agree that meeting blogging friends would be so cool. I have people on pinterest that I know we would make such great friends. I often think about trying to email her. Maybe I will now. I am so blessed by your blog as well as others. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  6. Sikken en dejlig markeds tur, og skønne fund du fik med hjem. knus morkaren.

  7. How fun was that to meet a blogging buddy!!!
    And at Brimfield!!!
    A double whammy!!! :-D

  8. The smiles on your faces proves what a treasured meeting this was. Blissful shopping and shared inspirations. Lovely new-found treasures...

  9. Hi Rhonda, It's wonderful that you two could get together. Meeting and shopping at the Brimfield Antique Show - it hardly can get any better and it's obvious that you both had lots of fun.
    Happy Sunday!

  10. What fun it sounds like the two of you had. And sounds like you have become truly good friends. Thanks for sharing!

  11. So happy for you two! It is always fun to meet a kindred spirit in person!!! :)

  12. I'm delighted for the two of you finally being able to meet face to face and share an exceptional Junquing Adventure together! And it looks as though you all hit the Motherlode of Found Treasures... I'm Green with Envy I tell ya! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. Rhonda, This is so cool!!! What an amazing experience that must have been to meet up with Michelle and go antiquing with her. What a day full of amazing memories that must have been. So happy for you, and that you two kindred spirits finally got to meet in person!


  14. Oh Rhonda, I am bursting with joy for you both! I can just picture the whole scene - all the hugs and screaming. You two are such beautiful kindred spirits. I had to chuckle when you wrote about Michelle saying 'Oh Rhonda, look at this'. She does have such a great eye, doesn't she? I'm so happy you got to take home some beautiful tresors from New England. Most of all, I'm happy you got to meet each other in person after all this time. Now your communications will be even that much richer. Joyful day!!

  15. Oh Rhonda,
    How fun that you met up, you both look to be having a blast with smiles that tell of it all. I only wish I were in the photo with you two now that would be a treat for me!
    Love all you create and all you inspire.

    See you and your beauty soon


  16. You two are so adorable! I can only imagine the fun. I am so itching to get to a big market. Shopping with a new buddy would just be the cream on top!

  17. Wow Rhonda what a wonderful meeting with the two of you and especially at the Brimfield Antique Show. I can only imagine what a tent full of chandeliers and crystals would be like!
    I can still see you beaming!
    And some beautiful gifts and treasures to bring home too!
    Enjoy them my friend,
    Suzy xox

  18. Thank you so much, Rhonda, for all the wonderful pics of you and Michelle and of your gorgeous treasures! The beaming smiles on your and Michelle's faces put a huge smile on my own face!

    'Twas a day to remember and cherish always, I'm sure.♥ xoxo

  19. I would love to go next year!


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