Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Blissful Whites Wednesday in October

Fall is officially here.
Bring on the boots, sweaters and cool weather.
Although it will be a bit before I can actually wear a sweater,
I do enjoy October, as our days & nights are so much cooler.
I find I spend less time outside at the pool or on the patio
and more time in my studio creating pretties.
Locket necklace is in my shop.
Newly created pieces soon to be in my shop.

French ephemera packets
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Many thanks to all my new followers!
You all make blogging worth it!


  1. Your creations are taking my breath away, Rhonda! Such detail...I will be Xmas shopping in your store very soon.
    (and so lovely to see how you display the wings!)
    xo, Susan

  2. Yes same here, I adore this month but it will be another before sweaters and boots will take their place at the front of the closet, lol
    Enjoy creating!

  3. I agree with Susan...I just sigh when I look at the beauty you create! Hmmm...I think you must be really beautiful inside to be able to create such loveliness!! :o)

    Thanks so much for sharing and linking up! You're a joy!!

    I'm going to go peek in your shop now!

  4. They are all beautiful, Rhonda! They closed our pool September 15th {which was extended from the normal Sept. 1st date} but we could have gone a bit longer, I think.

  5. always so so beautiful here.

    be blessed

  6. Rhonda, your creations are as always sooo beautiful! I know what you mean about the cooler weather driving you inside to your in California, I always feel a bit guilty crafting inside, I feel like I should be outside enjoying the beautiful weather! ~Lorraine

  7. Hello dearest Rhonda
    Oh it's all so inspirational!
    Just adore your lacy wings and the vintage clips!!
    love and hugs
    Shane xox

  8. Yummy Yummy! I love your creations as always Rhonda!



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