Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Sharing of Greys

I'm loving the vintage tin pans I've been finding lately.
 A found religious print at Brimfield by my friend Michelle,
that is so beautiful, I made gift tags with it.
Wrapping a few orders with a grey dey theme.
Hope you've enjoyed this
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  1. that serene image made for some lovely tags mon amie. sigh. your packaging is grey dey perfection...the recipients will adore them . i love this grey dey post. "merci" for joining in..happy grey dey! ;)

  2. Love, love all your greys Rhonda. I adore it all - lucky recipients of those orders!

  3. The time worn appearance to the grey you use is so beautiful and how gorgeous are those tins.
    Thank you for sharing such delights with us Rhonda.

  4. Hello dearest Rhonda
    Awww I love all of this - tin pans and yes that sweet Madonna print is soooooooo YOU my love!
    I wish we lived closer and could shop and create together!
    Much love

  5. Oh those tin pans, they are gorgeous, and you have such a wonderful touch when it comes to photographing things like those. The tags are beautiful as well, and your packaging, well, that has always been ever so lovely. xx

  6. Thanks for coming by for a Blog visit and how ironic, I saw Karen Valentine while I was standing in the checkout line at Sweet Salvage! We didn't stay long since we had some early afternoon appointments so it was a Power Shop day for us, I usually prefer to take more time soaking in the Styling and Inventory. Hope you 'scored' some Beautiful French Inspired Treasures?

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Hi Rhonda,

    Love your new religious print... just stunning!!! You and Michelle have turned me grey 'crazy'. I've been on a grey buying frenzy lately,LOL ;~) Tell Miss Sophie the boys say hello!



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