Thursday, October 3, 2013

For the Love of Grey

Let's start this Grey Dey Thursdey
with some of my favorite Paris images.
I took these pictures at the
 Père Lachaise Cemetery

Gorgeous and eerie at the same time.
I recommend visiting when you are in Paris.
It is full of la famous!
I purchased this key at the famous Paris Flea Market
Marché aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt
To this day, I cannot remove the price.
It reminds me of that day.
Closer to home....
A collection of vintage finds and my crinkled grey ribbon.

I hope you've enjoyed this 
as I link up and join in
 with Michelle of Petite Michelle Louise


  1. Your photos are stunning, Rhonda! Love the candleholder with the bling. =)


  2. Yes, even Paris' graveyards are splendid! Now I want to go back to see that. :)
    Love your 'closer to home' beauties, too, Rhonda.

  3. O, Rhonda,
    What à hauntingly beautiful site. I could not even imagine seeing this kind of grave side beauty her in the US.
    Of course all that grey stone work touches ones soul.

    I have some French crinkled grey ribbon but not enough :)
    You my dear will be so busy thinking up projects you will be able to create with it.
    I have completed a cupboard in my kitchen that proudly displays the ironstone you Gifted to Me! how I love it so and can't wait to fill these shelves.
    Come take notice of them front row and center.

    Have a beautiful day.
    Thank you for this share, I am sending your site to friends who are not bloggers but love to look.



  4. Dearest Rhonda
    Oh yes hauntingly beautiful are the cemeteries of France.
    I haven't been to this one in Paris - love your photos.
    Your beautiful rusty key - wouldn't it be wonderful to know and meet some of the people who have turned that key in the lock - and also see the house it belonged to - we can but imagine the stories it can tell.

    Love, love, love your crinkled perfect grey ribbon - I wants some too darling!!!
    Wishing you a relaxing happy Autumn weekend playing in your work room.
    Much love and hugs
    Shane xox

  5. My husband and I spent the most beautiful afternoon at Père Lachaise earlier this year. We walked for ages and had an afternoon tea of pastries sitting in the early spring sunshine amongst the tombs...
    x Kerry

  6. Stunning photos! Just perfect for October :) Thankyou for sharing!

  7. I haven't been to Paris for god knows how many years. I really must try and plan a few days there next summer. Your photographs of Paris are wonderful, so atmospheric, and of course the pics from your studio are just gorgeous. Aaahh, that seam binding, such a delicious shade of grey.

  8. Love the photoes from Paris, ..those old cemeteries are so beautiful,-and your photoes showing so much athmosphere ,and grey deay beauty, my dear Rhonda .
    Your studio fillled with your amazing creations, in the middle of all your grey seambindings are so stunning ,too.
    Happy weekend dear friend!!

  9. Thank you for this lovely post...I always receive such a calm and serene feeling from your beautiful pictures.

  10. That graveyard is wonderful..Love the greys..I just painted my bathroom grey with a grey and white vanity top..Looks good

  11. I love every single thing you create/post...and the graveyard in all its grey beauty, such gorgeous solemnity, is divine. So is your crinkled grey ribbon!!!


  12. ...there is just something so beautifully surreal about an ancient graveyard!
    ~ and those rhinestone pins ~ loveliness!
    happy grey dey:)
    xo, Rosemary

  13. Hi Rhonda,

    I love your 'grey dey' Paris pics. You were so right about Versailles, I see why now it was your favorite Paris stop. It was completely magical!


  14. oh my..that french graveyard is hauntingly beautiful! truly. and all of your "grey dey" pretties are swoon-worthy. some day mon amie...i will get to play in that gorgeous studio of yours!!! ;);)


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