Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sharing My Passion

Yesterday, as I entered the Barnes & Noble Bookstore,
I recalled the email that started it all.
The email that invited me so graciously
to submit an article to
Artful Blogging
by Stampington's Somerset Studios
Telling my story of
 how a moment or treasure
 inspires me to post. 
In this fast paced world -
In this uncertain world -
My only desire was to bring a bit of happiness to your day.
Letting my images and hopefully my words 
bring a tiny bit of inspiration to you.
I hope these images of my article
give you a peek of how it all turned out.
I am surrounded by such talent in this
Winter Artful Blogging issue
Including Kathleen of Faded Charm
Debra Oliver of Common Ground
I am honored and feel very blessed
to have had the opportunity to tell my tale.
There are those of you out there 
that know you are such a big part of me.
This is for you.
This is for all of you.
Merci from the bottom of my heart.