Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sharing My Passion

Yesterday, as I entered the Barnes & Noble Bookstore,
I recalled the email that started it all.
The email that invited me so graciously
to submit an article to
Artful Blogging
by Stampington's Somerset Studios
Telling my story of
 how a moment or treasure
 inspires me to post. 
In this fast paced world -
In this uncertain world -
My only desire was to bring a bit of happiness to your day.
Letting my images and hopefully my words 
bring a tiny bit of inspiration to you.
I hope these images of my article
give you a peek of how it all turned out.
I am surrounded by such talent in this
Winter Artful Blogging issue
Including Kathleen of Faded Charm
Debra Oliver of Common Ground
I am honored and feel very blessed
to have had the opportunity to tell my tale.
There are those of you out there 
that know you are such a big part of me.
This is for you.
This is for all of you.
Merci from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Congratulations, Rhonda! And inspired all of us you have. You create the most beautiful items and so deserve this feature:-)

    Take care,

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  3. It looks beautiful and I will go buy my copy soon! I am so happy for you!!! I hope to be in Artful Blogging someday. What an honor it is. Such a soft, beautiful magazine that always inspires me and usually brings a few tears. Thank you for letting us know because I do not buy every issue.

  4. It looks beautiful and I will go buy my copy soon! I am so happy for you!!! I hope to be in Artful Blogging someday. What an honor it is. Such a soft, beautiful magazine that always inspires me and usually brings a few tears. Thank you for letting us know because I do not buy every issue.

  5. you are really inspiring! ^^) I wish that magazine is available in my country though!~ Keep on being lovely dear and Have an awesome month! :D


  6. Congratulations, dear Rhonda! That's so exciting and I'm very happy for you. Enjoy!!!!

  7. Hello dearest Rhonda
    You're published - I'm so happy for you!

    You inspire me with your creativity which is always changing, new and exciting.

    Much love
    Shane xox

  8. Congratulations dear Rhonda - you have such a unique style of creating which I find just so inspiring. I wish I could rush out and buy this magazine but alas! It is not available in Australia sadly!
    It looks stunning!
    Hugs dear friend,

  9. Congratulations to one of the most talented artists I know. I knew this would happen. Congratulations Rhonda. -Marlene

  10. This is brilliant, you so deserve to be featured in the magazine! Congratulations! You know how much I love your posts. xxx

  11. Rhonda'

    This is a much deserved honor! You know how much you have touched my life with your beautiful blog, and now you will reach out and touch even more! How wonderful! Congratulations, you deserve this and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this issue.


  12. Sincèrement....un grand bravo !

  13. Yay Rhonda!! I am so delighted that they shared some of your lovely photos, and your story! How fun! I was sooo thrilled when they contacted me at the end of last year. It is just too much fun to walk into a store and see your name on a magazine cover!!

    You article is stunning...and you truly are always inspiring!! Thank you for sharing your joy!

    Hugs to you!

  14. still over-the-moon giddy for you about this mon amie! you've realized a dream and , lucky us, we get to share it with you too! i am blessed with your friendship..your inspiration..your kinship. SO SO well-deserved! you are beauty personified...inside and out. je t'adore!!! ;)

  15. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! I am over the moon thrilled for you Rhonda, and just drooling over all these photos of your article. I will be sure to take a look myself at the nearest book/craft store.
    You and your blog have always inspired so many of us, and now even better that you get to inspire via this gorgeous magazine spread!!!

  16. So happy for you!!!
    I am on my way to BN to get a copy.
    Congratulations. Ciao Rita

  17. I cannot tell you how happy I am for you Rhonda!! I am running out to go pick up my own copy!!

  18. ...OH!! Happiest Congrats to you dear Rhonda! Your pretties were meant to be adored by all!
    xo, Rosemary

  19. CONGRATULATIONS dear Rhonda.
    Your artickle looks ethereal beautiful, and so lovely you.
    How wonderful, that you was asked to share all your beauty and all your amazing creations with all of us, you so deserve to be in that beautiful magazine.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe.

  20. Rhonda this is quite fabulous and if anyone deserves to be published in Artful Blogging then it has to be you as your Blog is a place of serenity and brimming with beauty and always a time to breathe out and sigh with your creations or your stunning discoveries.
    Stampington & co do know beauty!

  21. Thank YOU
    and you do inspire us !
    what I like most, is thatafter a (sometimes hard day), it is pure bliss to forget it all and slip into your beautiful world.
    thank you for that and...congratulations !
    mimi from France

  22. wonderful and you so deserve this!!!

    Congratulations on the publication!!!

    I will run out and get it!!!


  23. Congratulations Rhonda and thank you for continuing to inspire me. Continued success in all of your artistic endeavors.

  24. Congratulations, dear Rhonda.
    So very well deseved - merci for all the inspiration.

  25. Congratulations Rhonda....
    Your blog is inspiring, lovely, calming and relaxing once I can get my heart to stop pounding ....LOL
    I love and adore your work and photos...and your blog....oh! And YOU!
    heart hugs from,

  26. Your blog is absolutely perfect for this magazine (one of my favs)! congratulations!!!

  27. I love this magazine and your blog, so I'll be looking forward to seeing this issue at the Barnes & Noble. Congratulations.


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