Thursday, November 21, 2013

Surrounded by Greys

I adore my greys.
So when I find shabby wood frames, I snap them up.
Just the right amount of grey & color.
When my good friend Amy
created this embroidered piece,
I knew it was a keeper!
I added a very small religious pin recently found on Etsy
Some recent finds...
Shopping at Tracey's French Larkspur Shop,
I found this French pin.
Greys and Greige - my favorite colors
A found prop (a cage) at a retail store!
How rare and now I keep an eye out
for such finds during my
 non antique & vintage store shopping.
 This sweet grey cage caught my eye.
Oh, this will come in handy.
A very happy Grey Dey Thursdey
with my friend Michelle
Petite Michelle Louise


  1. Oh Rhonda, I adore all your finds. That embroidered 'Petit' is too cute and so are your frames and pins. Tracey's shop is awesome! You really scored big on the cage, too. Love all the greige here! :)

  2. I saw that pin at Traceys. I bought the pake pink french books from 1891 & 1892. I am going to lay them out amongst my Christmas decor for now.

  3. Gorgeous greys dear Rhonda.
    LOVe the wooden frames Rhonda.
    The pin from Tracey's shop is so sweet too.
    Have a fun weekend
    Shane XOX

  4. I also love grey - and using them with just a bit of color. Love the wooden frames!

  5. amy's stitchery is the addition of the religious pin and Tracey's shop is oooh la la for sure! that pin is exquisite. the cage.....wherever did you find it? LOVE! Happy grey dey mon amie! so happy to see you! ;)

  6. Always such pretty pictures, Rhonda! I love that French Pin you got and it looks great against the striped ribbon.

  7. Lovely. You never know what you will find even at the grocery store!

  8. Beautiful frames, beautiful images, beautiful prop, and beautiful ribbon embroidered flower, beautiful French pin and your beautiful PETITE from Amy , a post filled with the beauty from your heart and hands, dear Rhonda,-thank you for showing!!

  9. Serenity washes over me as I view your post, those soothing greys and the tranquil images you share with us.

  10. Your golden shabby frames look so right with your silver and greys to sooth our eyes!
    x Suzy

  11. Lovely finds, the beautiful little frame with boy image, the ribbon embroidered flower (wow!), the gorgeous fleur-de-lis... Wishing you a beautiful day


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French