Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Simple Beauty

As this new year brings us fresh beginnings....
I still find simple beauty in all of the treasures I found...
and all the treasures that were gifted this past year.
Simple pages from a French book make me smile, 
as I carefully unwrap a package.
Once again, I adore how every bit of a purchase or gift
can be used and enjoyed again and again,
when wrapped this way.

I hope you are enjoying your Blissful Whites Wednesday
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  1. Simple gifts from precious friends means the world!

  2. A scrap of paper, a fragment of lace, just little things, yet they fill our hearts with so much joy. Isn't that grand?
    Beautiful photographs, as always, Rhonda.

  3. I, too, love when care is taken to wrap a purchase nicely, Rhonda. Love the book page. I took all that in when I opened my Etsy and try to wrap my items like a gift for the people who buy from me. I think it is appreciate because it is often mentioned in my reviews. I also make sure I make note of it in my own reviews for those purchases I make, too.

  4. Such lovely gifts! I could decorate my entire house in French book paper - if I could! =)


  5. Yes, dear Rhonda,
    such bits and pieces are treasures to us,---and being saved and reused again... so very happy to belong to this big group of people with a heart for simple treasures. :-)
    Beautiful White Wednesday photoes, my friend.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  6. simply beautiful indeed! adore your photographs. pure loveliness mon amie. happy w-end! we must catch up! ;)


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