Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Little Studio Time

I felt the need to be in the studio this morning.
Tomorrow our home will be filled with friends & family 
Football is huge with the man of the house 
I'm more a ice hockey kind of gal
(just ask Petite Michelle Louise) 
With coffee in hand this morning
 I photographed some recent creations
Trying once again to work with resin.
Using some of my smallest & tarnished vintage settings.
For those who enjoy the small things in life.
A little studio time was just what I needed today.


  1. So lovely. Thanks for sharing. I have been feeling like I need to sit and create. It brings me such joy! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love your work! Always sighing...

  3. I think your creations are very beautiful. I'm not really into football but give me a good formula 1 race and I'm all there!

  4. Rhonda, your creations are gorgeous as always. And I agree with you, I find hockey a lot more exciting too!

  5. Rhonda, your latest resin filled bezels are just gorgeous! You have the most awesome collection of French prayer cards, oh what I would give to see them with my own eyes. I bet they are all just stunning! Have a wonderful Sunday with friends and family.


  6. These are gloriously made! Un petit peu français, that is for sure! Enjoy your studio time as I too will be enjoying mine today! Bon Dimanche! Anita

  7. Stunning as always! We'll have the game on later but I'm sure I'll sneak away for some crafty time.


  8. well you certainly took advantage of your studio time mon amie! these are gorge! adore! have fun watching the game today. (i like the commercials best of all. tee hee.)

  9. Just what you need - some warm coffee and time in the studio - to create a bounty of beauty. I adore these petite resin lovelies, Rhonda.
    Hope you had a fun time with friends & family!


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French