Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Surprise Trip to France

 In my dreams....sigh
 I bet that got your attention...wink wink
I dream of going back to the French flea markets
and digging around for tarnished findings
but in reality
I can create them right here at home
 Soon to be in my shops
 Vintage brass bezels
with a
vintage French theme
 Some of these beauties 
will be pins and some will be pendants.
A few will be just as you see them here.
I hope you've enjoyed this French preview!
I've got a bit of dreaming jet lag...


  1. I love these, Rhonda! I could see these as magnets, too.

  2. Ah, yes, a surprise visit to France would be very welcome, but I enjoyed visiting your virtual French flea market. The bezels with the French-inspired images were a real treat to rummage through.


  3. i can just see you lost in paris in your studio.
    These are very pretty!
    I am sure it takes you back in time as you strolled through the streets soaking up so much inspiration

  4. Naughty tease Rhonda, wait for me your buddy Lilla.
    I will even carry some bags!!
    Last trip I did just that for my fellow traveler, not ever again up those steps in the Metro.
    Such pretty ideas you have added to your photos
    aloha Lilla

  5. Those turned out beautiful!! Thanks for brightening my day. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  6. It sure got my attention! I thought, "Well , life is good for her at least" Counting my blessings even among the seemingly not so blessed times.

  7. Yup, got my attention. I was about to turn green with jealousy. =) These are just delish!


  8. Rhonda these are great! A little bigger and they could be a neat set of Coasters~

    Have a Great Week~
    Huggs, Nancy

  9. Bonjour Rhonda!

    I must get one of these when you are finished creating them - I LOVE this style of jewelry or trinket for my dressing table, or just about anywhere! LOVELY!!!!!!!! Bisous, Anita

  10. oh i didn't fall for your "surprise trip to france" joke. no way...cause if you were going to France...I'd be with you sistah!!! ha ha. Love these....;)

  11. Swoonworthy!
    I booked my airline ticket to Provence over the weekend and am SO excited!

    Have a lovely week.

  12. stunning photos, Rhonda!
    i always love your frenchie charming and nostalgic. hope you're having a great day.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  13. You make the most beautiful bezels, I love the purchases I made from you! My daughter and her family were in France this last summer, they live in Germanys o it is just a hop and a skip away. They are going again this summer....I need to sell some things so I can go with them!LOL
    Love your work!

  14. Love, Love, Love these Rhonda!!! Brilliant little bezels! But all your bezels are amazing.


  15. These are so very pretty, dear Rhonda.Have a lovely weekend.


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French