Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Learning to Exhale

A few treasures on my worktable 
that help remind me to take some time to unwind
I promised myself that this would be the year
that I would manage my time more wisely
See the beauty of life in it's simplest form,
to enjoy what is in front of me
Stop this madness of constantly rushing around,
pushing to do more each day
I cannot tell you how many times last year
I lost something, forgot something
was simply so unorganized, it made me want to cry!
I realized it only meant that
with working full time and creating full time,
there had to be more down time.
You know it's true
but it's so hard to do
Don't they give crowns to those who "do it all"?
Nah, I don't think so.
Even though I might close my shops more often,
I will always share what I'm creating right here.
For right here is truly my passion
Rusty Metal Crowns from Rosemary of Villabarnes
Big sigh and I'm ready to conquer less stress!
It already feels so good.
I will see everyone on Friday for the giveaway announcement!


  1. Immersed as I am in stress right now your method sounds's hoping!

  2. Restoring our serenity is so important! I love your post, it's beautiful and words profound! I've got to behaving like a whirling dervish!
    Have a day full of peaceful moments~

  3. Bonjour mon amie! Rhonda, your shop and your own treasures here are so French, so beautiful, and I love them all. And to visit your blog is very special to me because you remind me of when I first started to blog, and all the French discoveries I had made. I have several crowns as such that I bought from a dear woman named Rosemary, and it is through the internet that I've made such great connections with friends, artists and other people who inspire.

    Yes, take that breath and relax. I will be on spring break in another two weeks, and I hope to enjoy every day reveling in my French dreams of reading, writing, and organizing my home again. Oh how lovely are your wares! Anita

  4. oh i needed this Post..truly mon amie. Saturday's "event" can't come fast enough.....i'm still "inhaling" right now but will try to take your advice. happy day to you cheer rhonda! ;)

  5. A good idea to make sure you take some down time, Rhonda. I thought those crowns looked familiar ~ I have one of Rosemary's crowns myself. : )

  6. Amen and well said! I need to take a step back too and get my house/life organized. Right now I feel like I'm all over the place. Thank you for such pretty photos - they are very calming!


  7. Yes a great reminder for us all. I have been feeling stressed lately. So much to do so little time. I was just thinking last night that I needed to start crafting again as it brings me such peace and joy. It allows me time. Have a great day..

  8. Sweet Rhonda,
    Yes life is too precious to stress it away, my dear.
    I love seing your beautiful finds, in your studio, and the crowns from Rosemary are so wonderful..I can see
    you bought them all :-)
    Love your charm of Mary and Jesus ,too.
    Dear ,take care and have a quiet and restful weekend.

  9. Thank you for this post...I didn't realize I'd been holding my breath and rushing around. I need to exhale and enjoy this lovely sunny day~~~

  10. Beautiful post. Love those crowns!

  11. It is too easy to burn out when you are trying to fit too much into your daily life. Finding a good balance is not easy but you'll do it. Let nothing stand between you and your creativity though :-).
    I adore your vignettes, as always, they are calming and so beautiful to look at. The crowns are so pretty.
    Re wanting to cry because one has lost something because one is totally unorganised - I just spent two days going nuts trying to find a whole box of vintage embroidered and embellished trims, and almost cried because I couldn't find them. Gone, who knows where. I must have knocked them into the bin by accident and thrown them out.


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French