Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Learning to Exhale

A few treasures on my worktable 
that help remind me to take some time to unwind
I promised myself that this would be the year
that I would manage my time more wisely
See the beauty of life in it's simplest form,
to enjoy what is in front of me
Stop this madness of constantly rushing around,
pushing to do more each day
I cannot tell you how many times last year
I lost something, forgot something
was simply so unorganized, it made me want to cry!
I realized it only meant that
with working full time and creating full time,
there had to be more down time.
You know it's true
but it's so hard to do
Don't they give crowns to those who "do it all"?
Nah, I don't think so.
Even though I might close my shops more often,
I will always share what I'm creating right here.
For right here is truly my passion
Rusty Metal Crowns from Rosemary of Villabarnes
Big sigh and I'm ready to conquer less stress!
It already feels so good.
I will see everyone on Friday for the giveaway announcement!