Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Much Needed Garden Time

 With all our busy plans this week,
I will try to sneak some garden time in this weekend.
I can smell the orange blossoms and blooming jasmine in our yard.
 Taking photos outside is much better 
than in this studio
 Here's to sprucing up my patio
grabbing a few spring weather moments


  1. That sounds great, Rhonda. I just love the smell of orange blossoms and jasmin. The bee tags are pretty and the rustic cage is wonderful too. Have fun in your garden!

  2. Good morning dearest Rhonda! ENJOY YOURSELF OUTSIDE! Do you know we just got a new layer of snow yesterday? We could NOT believe our eyes. So enjoy all you can of this fleeting and very RARE season! And your photos my dear, are just gorgeous. You should see the fabulous antique white French settee I saw yesterday. I WANT IT! I would put it in my covered patio area, but it's too pricey, but it was so lovely.

    Have a super day! Anita

  3. It sounds like a great weekend to me, Rhonda! It is too soon to plant anything yet for me. I do have a pot of pansies out on our little outdoor table. I will wait until Mother's Day weekend for everything else. It will be a good weekend for pulling some weeds that are popping up, though. I expect they will be around soon to our condo community with new mulch for this year.

  4. Oh, I just adore your little bee tag and your lovely photos, Rhonda. I'm digging that cage thingy in the last photo, too. I want to swoop right over there and sit in your pretty garden, since we have temps in the 30's yesterday & this morning! Plus that ugly snow appeared yesterday. Tired of this polar vortex!
    We missed you somethin' awful over the weekend. You would have camped out in that white tent (hee hee). xoxoxox, Susan

  5. What a lovely look...I like the bees = )

  6. Oh I adore the wee cage!!!

    Have a delightfully lovely Easter.

  7. I adore your props as always dear Rhonda - you have such a good eye for styling your photo shoots.

    Enjoy your garden - I do hope you have some 'quiet' time too!

    Shane x


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