Friday, April 18, 2014

Who Won French Friday Giveaway?

A once a month chance to win a little something
Each month you take a chance
It touches my heart that so many of you
leave a comment and a compliment!

of Pretty Ragged Threads blog

Jackie, please email me and we can get this sweet bottle in your hands!


  1. Congratulations to Jackie - she will be thrilled Rhonda!
    Hope you had a wonderful day in your garden!
    x Suzy

  2. Hello dear Rhonda

    I hope you've managed to get out in the garden over the Easter weekend.
    Your orange blossom sounds divine!

    This little girl I think has to be my favorite of all your old vintage photos from France - she is adorable.

    Congrats to Jackie - she will be so thrilled with her win.

    Blessings for you and your family for the Easter Season dear Rhonda.

    Shane xox

  3. OH LUCKY JACKIE! How I love that bracelet, but next Friday is another chance! Bonjour Rhonda! Joyeuse Pâques! Anita

  4. Congrats to Jackie girl! And boo-hoo to the looser (Dore ) lol
    Rhonda, can't wait to see what creative piece you come up with next.

    Thank you dear sweet heartfelt friend, your comments truly always warm my heart. does more then warm my heart, you comment in such a way that it makes me feel as if I have created something wonderful even if I second guess my choices in what I am doing in the way I design in my own home with a white Frenchness :)

    I always await what you have to say, then I exhale with encouragement in your loving it.
    Thank you for all your beautiful support, keep creating your soulful art, we love it.


  5. Wow, I am thrilled to have won. It is such a beautiful bottle. Thank you so much.



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