Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ribbon & Rust

 I am sorting, organizing and straightening
the studio this week
As usual, I am finding pieces I set aside to finish one day
 I have been working on this locket for a year,
I believe it is finally finished.
Soft greys
Linen and cotton ribbons
Tarnished and rusted lockets
I am always thankful for your visits



  1. I love your locket! Well worth the time spent on creating it as it is something you should really be proud of!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  2. To wonder around your studio would be an absolute delight.
    The locket is exquisite.

  3. I agree with Lynne - that locket is truly amazingly beautiful - one to treasure for a long time!

  4. I agree with Lynne - that locket is truly amazingly beautiful - one to treasure for a long time!

  5. WWC should pick your studio to feature.
    You deserve it.

  6. Love the locket. Thanks for posting.. Anita

  7. Intriguing works of art, soulful beauty.
    I am on the hunt for old papers, frames, wire, and chains so I can do more of the mixed media art with perfect old-ness!

    Come visit my etsy on my side bar Rhonda, you will see a new piece....a circus tent, ephemera art, wire and perfect amount of decay i love so about creating.


  8. such gorgeous pieces. sigh....i miss spending time in the studio. but soon...soon...after you-know-who visits....I'll return. happy memorial day mon amie! ;)

  9. The title alone draws me in...Ribbon and Rust...don't we all love those! And of course your pictures never disappoint. That locket is gorgeous, Rhonda, and your ribbon and rust combo is perfection. :)

  10. Sweet Rhonda! I came earlier via my tablet, but your page was jumping all around the screen and I was unable to view. I'm home now, totally enjoying your work here. I love your ideas and the materials you use to create the most lovely jewels. I wore a beautiful heart locket today that I absolutely love, and it is very French.

    Wishing you a great holiday weekend! Anita

  11. Thank you Rhonda for your love you share with me over at my place.
    I am returning to let you know how your comment adds heartfelt joy to my days in creating. Your visits mean a lot to me.
    Keep creating your beauty that inspires us all...and yes we are both on the same creative design thought poetically.


  12. Dearest Rhonda, Oh my!!
    That locket is a very special and beautiful piece, what a fantastic find, I love it. It will be so stunning hanging around your neck.
    Happy weekend my sweet.

  13. Dearest Rhonda
    Oh that locket is divine!
    I would love to wander around your studio with you too - I wish we didn't live so far apart!
    Shane x

  14. Awesome job on that locket! Such a heartfelt piece. You can tell you invested some time in that gorgeous piece. Have a wonderful week ahead Rhonda!



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