Saturday, June 28, 2014

French Glass Crystals

 Using my French Holy Card
St. Elisabeth
 I created with my antique French crystals
from France
 Their beauty always takes my breath away
 Michelle found a box full of them
when we flea'd at Brimfield last September
This round French crystal came 
from Corey Amaro
Soon all will be in my
Having a lovely sunny Saturday morning
and I hope you are as well


  1. So inspiring and uplifting, you have a way with light and composition.Thanks for sharing.

  2. So pretty and such a great shape, Rhonda. Is that considered a teardrop shape?

  3. Their beauty is heavenly. I have a soft spot for St. Elizabeth being my daughter Grace's middle name. These lovelies touch my heart. xxo

  4. My daughter's middle name is spelled with an 's' too...Elisabeth.

  5. Rhonda, These are simply Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us~

    Huggs, Nancy

  6. Simply gorgeous, dear Rhonda.
    It takes my breath away. TFS.

  7. Good gracious Rhonda, these are A MUST HAVE! Lovely work, as always! If you are interested, I am having a EUROPE: SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE link party happening, and if you would like to, come on by and see what it's all about and participate if you wish. You could post on France and your wares if you wanted to!

    Lovely share today, Anita

  8. So very beautiful, I can imagine them hanging in a window to catch a little sun, and to show the beautiful Holy Card faces . So gorgeous, dear Rhonda !
    Hugs and happy sunday evening.

  9. Rhonda! Bonjour mon amie! Thank you for coming to visit and I am putting your wonderful name and link on my list right now! You will sparkle and enchant us, I know it! Have a lovely day, Anita

  10. oh how well i remember scouring for some tresors for you while i anxiously waited to meet you!! those prisms had you written all over them! what a joyful day...meeting you and spending that time together. i will always cherish it on amie! always....;)

  11. Lové thèse pieces of art Rhonda,
    I love taking and aging my crystals with crusty ness and then using them for Christmas tree ornaments.
    Beautiful job.



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