Friday, July 25, 2014

The Joy of Collecting

 The absolute joy of collecting
having what you want - when you need it
Using some of my collections in my home decor
a little vignette here
a little vignette there
It is so nice to have treasures at hand for an instant prop.
If you are not using your sweet coveted collections,
by all means....pull them out, it will make you happy!
A few collected treasures
made their way into my creations recently
I pulled out my antique French laces
Papier Delights
 petite lace books
(available upon request and in my blog shop this weekend)
La Grace miniature book
Creating using what I have "found" lately
as my collections grow
antique French wax flowers
on an antique butter pat 

Courtney and friends

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your little collections are beautiful. I only collect a few things, mostly milglass and jadeite. That glass mirror frame... so beautiful.

  2. I looked in your blog shop and not listed!!! I want La Couer and La Grace!!! please tell me how to get them Rhonda...adorable

  3. Your collections are simply beautiful, dear Rhonda:) It is always such a pleasure to visit you.Have a lovely weekend.Your new creations are gorgeous.

  4. Susanne, "this weekend" they will be listed. I will hold those two for you. Many thanks!!

  5. Such a nice way to end the week looking at your beautiful collections and creations, Rhonda. I love your petite lace books and that mirror is so pretty. Love the linens you show here. I can only imagine all the ideas you must have for them.

  6. Don't these little joys make you giggle with happiness? Yes, I have an old French box filled with metal trinkets and beads and ribbon, and even an old sterling silver book cover that I need to use as a book cover of poems....oh Rhonda, I am enjoying my win from you, and as I find a good moment of sun, I hope to photograph it!

    Those little soft lace books....OH HOW WONDERFUL to even hold one, open it up, and read aloud a prayer, a poem. Sensational inspiration today dear one! Anita

  7. Oh my dear Rhonda, your collections are stunning, and yes: SIGH , the wax flowers !!! Love your tiny La Grace book and the other ones ,too .
    I so enjoy visiting you and your room.
    Hugs and kisses, Dorthe

  8. Hi Rhonda,
    I Find m'y self putting the little treasure out and then taking and putting the back away, sometimes just too much for me to dust all the time and I often worry that I am starting to clutter up again. I love your tone on tone and it never feels crafty or cluttered over her. Your pieces have such a soulful spiritual feel even if it's not a religious piece. I am working on some new pieces, namely an altar getting it ready for my etsy shop! I have also been working on a personal theatre, one that will stage my holiday productions and pass down to my daughter when she has a little one someday.

    As for your brooches encrusted with little gem stone like beauty, I would take them and pin them to a curtain tie back adding the charm and glamour to a soft romantic look of my bedroom linen curtain panels.
    I love that the curtain panels were able to wear some jewels as well.

    See you soon, and thank you dearly for taking time to enjoy my latest finds, and best letting me know you were visiting.

    Blessings with days ahead of you.


  9. I never tire of visiting your blog Rhonda. It is a delight to my senses. I love all the whites, creams and tresors. :)

  10. Aaah, how beautiful! Your little lace books really are delightful, and your vignettes never fail to make me smile, they are so soft and romantic.

  11. Oh I so Agree that our Collection Stashes are a great source of Inspiration and Instant Decor. My dilemma seems to always be Organizing it all when it's not in use... working on that Issue as I continue to Curate and Organize it all in the Studio and other outbuildings on our property. Your Petite Romantic French Inspired Books are Delightful! Love Small Collectibles best as they don't take up much room so I can justify more of them! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Love your collections, so delicate and light!


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French