Friday, July 25, 2014

The Joy of Collecting

 The absolute joy of collecting
having what you want - when you need it
Using some of my collections in my home decor
a little vignette here
a little vignette there
It is so nice to have treasures at hand for an instant prop.
If you are not using your sweet coveted collections,
by all means....pull them out, it will make you happy!
A few collected treasures
made their way into my creations recently
I pulled out my antique French laces
Papier Delights
 petite lace books
(available upon request and in my blog shop this weekend)
La Grace miniature book
Creating using what I have "found" lately
as my collections grow
antique French wax flowers
on an antique butter pat 

Courtney and friends

Have a great weekend everyone!