Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Simple French Country Touch

My kitchen has only simple touches of French Country
 A country wood tray here
a French style cutting board there
 I've always been in love 
with a little bit of a French theme in our home
(hence my blog name)
 pure and natural works for me
white linens, cafe style dishes and fresh flowers
always make it easy to enjoy a simple 
French Country Style


  1. I love your French country touches, Rhonda! Rustic wood and white...perfect! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Is there anything more delightful then French Brocante, I think not my friend :)
    Rhonda, so exciting to see what you have done with our trays... Or caddy what ever it's use. Don't you just love it's multi purpose for it, I move mine about everywhere and find it most of the time on my table centered and filled with French goodness.

    Love your Vignette, and so happy to see you peak out of your studio door ! I so feel the French vibe over here, and I have been doing just that for the past few weeks. I have been painting art, painting kitchen cabinets white, would have loved to have given them my treatment but the ordeal in sanding them down was more then one could handle so solid white they are until I catch my breath and do a French faux finish on them, giving them this weathered grey stain feel to the white and a bit of aging. As for now I am just so happy that they are no longer an lacquered finish of darker oak, if I could have had sanded them all down with out the major mess I would have done that raw lime waxed look I am known for on my pieces, but they sure are a big improvement just taking on white.

    Your vignette looks so inviting, as if you had shopped the French Brocantes for little pottery stoneware treasures.
    You know the French have a saying about their brocante and the meaning of brocante...
    " Not quite valuable, but not quite worthless."
    It's those brocante values I love to live by.

    Your French setting is oh so charming, and we want to see more of this beautiful side of you.



  3. So lovely.
    Gives me so many great ideas!

  4. Just so beautiful! Love visiting here. :)

  5. Bonjour Rhonda!

    You and me both - I have a wooden tray as such, I use nothing but white plates and cups and fresh flowers are a must. I enjoy serving up colorful food on white dishes because the food is the star, not the pattern on the plates! But the French have such a flair for beauty, whether it's in the kitchen or anywhere else in the home or garden. White it is! I am enjoying a rough-hewn primitive dough bowl in my dining room with a bunch of lavender in is SO gorgeous!

    Have a beautiful day my friend. Anita

  6. So pretty Rhonda. Love your little touches.

  7. quintessentially "french"!! I just adore this french cuisine vignette. i imagine a sweet patisserie in Provence must look like this? J'adore mon amie!!!


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