Friday, August 15, 2014

French Friday Giveaway Winner & New Creations

Karen B. of Todolwen Blog
is the winner this month!
Congrats Karen
Shoot me an email with your address
and your memo board will be on it's way to you.

I am so excited to share my newest creations with you
 Vintage bezel magnets and rhinestone piece magnets
 These vintage bezels are so much fun to work with
 hold a memo or note
no more thumbtacks or pins
your notes need not suffer
a beautiful way to keep organized
You can find them here in my shop
The weekend is upon us
I hope yours is all you want it to be!


  1. Congrats to Lucky Winner!! Rhonda, these magnets are DIVINE.....Happy Weekend

  2. Dear Rhonda,
    your newest creations are so beautiful! And I am so excited to be the winner of your giveaway. I have dropped you a line already.
    Many hugs and thank you,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  3. Fantastic, congratulations! I love the idea house and your photos are awesome!
    Girls Bedroom

  4. Saw them on Instagram...SO gorgeous! <3<3<3 Happy week-end yo you mon amie! ;)

  5. I love your precious magnets, so gorgeous!

  6. Congrats to Karen, your winner of your creative beauty.

    Love your new pieces, they would look great with my new altar :)
    Thank you beautiful for taking the time to visit me and better yet leaving a comment that truly encourages all I create and design....what would we do without you in our art and design corner my friend :)

    Keep inspiring your beauty my friend, we are so blessed to be able to share in all you create here.


  7. I just ooohhh and aaahhh through your blog! Lovely!
    Congrats to Karen!

    diane @ thoughts and shots

  8. congrats to Karen...lucky gal and your new French magnets are SO gorge! happy week-end mon amie. i am on my way into boston to pick up my niece at the train station. will chat later in the week-end! i hope yours is lovely;)

  9. Your new magnets are beautiful. I love shopping at A Little Bit package everything so lovely. The JDL bags are perfect for Christmas. I think I will be ordering more.

  10. Oh, your posts always get to me a day after via email, but here I am, loving every photo. Congratulations to Karen, for she is in for a treat. I will not forget how beautiful your packaging was my friend, and I cherish my win so much.


  11. Dear Rhonda
    You always come up with such lovely Giveaways - I'm so happy for Karen!
    How could I have missed that one!!!
    I've been having a good look at your recent posts and just ordered some goodies - I'm email you too!
    Shane x

  12. Congrats to Karen!

    Love your new creations, Rhonda! That crown is just beautiful and I love the magnetic bezels. Such a pretty way to keep track of those notes, receipts and little bits of paper.

  13. Rhonda,
    These new creations are so pretty. Love how sweet and vintage these magnets are. Beautiful.

  14. Just lovely!
    Have a beautiful week,


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French