Saturday, September 27, 2014

Daydreaming About France

 Oh, would I love to own a cottage 
in the south of France
This little lithograph came from France via a French Etsy shop.
It's my inspiration today and every day!
Bright sunny morning light is the best
as it pours into my studio window
I'm working on a footstool at the moment
I remembered today that I never shared
my Marie Antoinette bust that I found.
Isn't she lovely?
And just when you think your customer order wrapping is so good
I receive this order from la Belle Brocante
Such thought goes into her wrapping.
I did not want to unwrap my order
but I did....
and now it's back to the footstool.
I hope to show you the finished project soon.


  1. Such beauty. Sigh. Rhonda your wrapping is what always brings me back to your shop. Receiving a package from your shop is like a gift. I too always want my customers to feel that way. I enjoy wrapping and adding tiny tags with notes and ribbons.

    Your Marie Antoinette bust is wonderful. Enjoy.

  2. Oooh la la! I just love looking at your photos, Rhonda. Couldn't help but pin your Marie. I've been so absent from blogging, but will get back at it in October. So much inspiration, especially from you!

  3. ditto - Seawashed!!
    beautiful goodies.

  4. You've got me dreaming Rhonda! (France) that is.
    As for your dreamy pieces created purely out of the love of creating, what can I say that I have not said many times before? Your so right to take that extra love in packaging, it's the presentation of a gift within a gift that does it for me.

    I have this aunt who wraps like art, creatively hand made papers, embellished with little trinkets, so well done much so that I often wait all day looking at it before I can even begin to unwrap it.

    A wonderful blogger sent me a gift, she contributes to books and mags, and I was so taken with her packaging that it wasn't until the next day that Incould bring myself to opening it.
    I loved getting my gift from you, again I was so blown away with your care, the arrangement of pieces and best the packaging.

    Keep inspiring us with what inspires you, I love visiting with each anticipation of how are you going to top your last posted pieces, and each time you do just that.

    Beautiful weekend to you sweet friend.
    Thank you Rhonda for all the beauty you add when you visit me.


  5. How long have you been hiding that beautiful bust, girl? She is superb, what a fabulous find.
    Your photographs are beautiful, as always, can't think of anything prettier to look at this early in the morning ;-).
    Have a beautiful Sunday, xx

  6. Good morning dear Rhonda! I was wondering when you'd post next and I got your post notification a day late, but I LOVE what a I see. That Marie Antoinette bust is DIVINE!!!!

    Have a peaceful and creative day mon amie. Anita

  7. Très belles photos, amitié de France !

  8. De très belles photos !
    Un petit bonjour de France !

  9. De très belle photos !
    Un petit bonjour de France !

  10. All so very beautiful. My husband has suggested that instead of purchasing French finds to fill our cottage, we should just move to France. If he were serious, I'd take him up on it in a heartbeat. :)
    Have a lovely one, Rhonda!
    ~ Lin

  11. Sounds like you are having a peaceful morning in your studio. It all looks so gorgeous. Did you get that bust on your travels?

  12. Dear Rhonda,
    the wrapping looks so wonderful, but yours my dear are the most beautiful wrappings, as well, and I am alwayes so happy when opening a purchase from you.
    The bust is OHH so wonderful (wish it was here ) :-)-- and so love your little French pieces also after unwrapping.
    Hugs from Dorthe


  14. Bonjour beautiful Rhonda!

    How nice to see you today on Sunday! OH! We just got back from goodness, so many great French goodies! I lose my breath sometimes when I go into these shops with gilded chandeliers and wonders such as what you create....I hope you had a great day too! Enjoy the new week as we go into October. Much love, Anita

  15. Oh, I love your wrapping!!! I kept it, the little bags & all!

    Love the bust. It looks very heavy! I am lovin' those corbels in front of the her! Looking forward to seeing your finished projects! Have a wonderful week!


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