Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Swept Away

I was swept away
 this past 3 day holiday weekend,
to create as much as I could
I also needed to photograph 
a lot I had already made
and list in my shops
Studio time is precious to me
and I've let a few opportunities to create slip on by
But not this time
I dug in and got serious
This petite religious shrine
was my absolute favorite
Petite Altered Matchboxes
I haven't create these in so long
These little matchboxes hold a religious bezel
I had 3 whole beautiful days of creating
I tried to remove all distractions
I removed my laptop from my studio
I only kept in touch via Instagram (phone)
I was surprised how much more I can accomplish
when not distracted by my laptop
I will  be listing in both shops
 throughout this week
If you see something you want
simply email me and I will get back to you
French Flea Market Style
Vintage * French * Treasures
Antique French ephemera and laces were my muse


  1. Beautiful pieces - I love the matchboxes but also the framed pictures especially the way you have painted the glass! The only thing is you have reminded me just how much un-used lace I still have...

  2. Everything is so beautiful dear Rhonda, the schrines are adorable, and so lovely with the bezel inside !, and love the photo with the angels and the cross -so beautiful. You make the most wonderful details, and displayes.
    Hugs from me, and a nice day, dear.

  3. Everything is so beautiful and has such a peaceful feeling about it. I love when you take time to create!

  4. Beautiful keepsakes, they inspire me to do my own !!!

  5. They are all so lovely. I love your antique white Rosaries too. I placed an order last night. xxo

  6. Hi Rhonda,
    Your creations are always so gorgeous. Very beautiful. Have a great week.

  7. Everything looks lovely, Rhonda! I have let way too many opportunities slip by to be creative. However, I am hoping to get in to my sewing room this afternoon and get to work on some Halloween goodies. Of course, then I have to make sure to photograph and list them in my Etsy, so I guess I better get to it!

  8. Oh Rhonda,
    Thank you for your beautiful words left behind on your way home from visiting me :)

    I adore match box creations, I have not made any of these in the very longest of times.... Maybe 5 years now, but they do inspire such wonderment in their previous beauty.
    I love paper art and can't seam to create enough of it here in our home studio, always scraps here and there found snippets in the strangest of places.

    All your goodies are so previous, they inspire grace in so many ways.
    I so need to get back to some of my wire pieces with paper, hmmm! Or paper pieces college to paper :)
    For now I am completing sign orders, a bit different then what I was use to doing. See you soon.


  9. Beautiful! Lovely! Can't say enough how wonderful your work is. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  10. Bonsoir, Rhonda!

    Doesn't it feel great to have real, hands-on quiet time? Your creations are sublime and wonderful. I can imagine you sitting in a pure white room, so gentle and blessed. Thank you for your art!!! Anita

  11. Lots of lovelies! The bracelet caught my eye! Love the patina on it!

  12. I think you know how much I adore your matchboxes, dear Rhonda:)
    So very beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Oh Rhonda, these are so very sweet and beautiful! I still cherish the one you made for me, it sits on my jewelry table and holds little trinkets. I glance at it from time to time while I am working and it gives my creativity wings :-)
    Happy creating....and thanks a mill. for those inspiring works of art!



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Rhonda of A Little Bit French