Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Do You See?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
They say we all see an art piece differently.
They say we are always looking for faces that remind us of someone.
This morning I see a cross in this image.
The worn and chipped French door created a cross.
Trying to use up all of my French themed fabric labels,
I created a cozy for glass candles.
These are purely for decoration
unless you want to trim the lace around the top. 
Using the Jeanne d'Arc Living cotton laces
I also created notepads
 Mini collages with a Jeanne d'Arc Living clip
Enjoying capturing treasures from the past
Weekends always fly by so quickly for me.
Do I read? Do I relax? Do I create?
How anyone can say they are bored is always beyond me.
Life is simply flying by.
Make your life full of ideas as inspiration is everywhere these days.
Look ahead and ask "what do you want to see"?


  1. Your French notepads are so lovely. The tea candle votives are too...they remind me of the Madonna crown you gifted me. The JDL lace that I purchased is now hanging from a hook with my grey JDL scarf. It is too pretty for me to cut! I even thought of using it as a belt by tying it around my waist.

  2. What beautiful ITEMS! Your photos are always the best!

  3. A beautiful calm ame over me this Sunday noon.
    Love the collage book markers and such.
    I am starting some new projects today, and a visit
    with you always inspires creativity :)


  4. My My Look at THOSE PRETTY NOTEPADS! A Girl Can Never Have too Many of Those Pretties!! My PayPal is READY.....
    LOVE the votive Holders.
    P.S. I saw a CROSS!

  5. Very pretty pictures, Rhonda! Yours are always such an inspiration. I love the fabric labels and how you used them on the note pads. Do you ever make them to sell in your shop? I have a shoe organizer I recently purchased for my craft/sewing room and I'm going to embellish it. Some fabric labels would be a lovely addition (along with the other things I have planned!).

  6. P.S. I soaked my JDL clips in a little apple cider vinegar for 2 days and it very subtly rusted them....just a litttttle age!

  7. Rhonda,
    Love all your beautiful and creative pieces. Love the note pads I hope you will sell those in your shop. I love them. Have a great Sunday.

  8. What lovely pieces you have created. So much inspiration here.
    Enjoy your evening.

  9. Your lovely French inspired creations are pure Creative Bliss...

  10. Such charming bits of bliss. I love the lace.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. It's all beautiful Rhonda!
    I don't understand boredom either - life has so much to offer and I find it impossible to fit in everything I want to do!!

    Enjoy your week
    Shane x

  12. Good morning dear Rhonda! I barely got your lovely post right now, early Monday morning. WHat a glorious way for me to start my day, with your beauty and insight. Yes, I see that cross, and I need it, every day. Fresh, white beauty, pure and loving messages here today.

    Life is going by too fast; I got to do a couple of fun creative things this weekend, but not all that I hope to do, but I'll do some of it during the week...I HOPE!

    HAPPY DAY! Anita

  13. I totally saw the cross and the angel wings. I didn't realize the cross was the window frame until you pointed it out! I am always so happy to visit your beautiful blog and see what you have been working on. I too have so many wonderful things to work on to be bored. I think it's the younger generation that is so electronically oriented that gets bored so easily. The rest of us know how to appreciate the little things!

  14. I see beauty...inspiration...and passion. What a lovely way to start my week mon amie! ;)

  15. Love it all Rhonda. Boredom is for those who have no imagination. Glad to hear you had a wonderful and creative weekend!!

  16. My sweet dear Rhonda,
    Another so very beautiful and serene post from you.
    I also see things ,like your cross, or dancing clouds making hearts or faces,-
    Your cozy for the glass candles are so very beautiful, and so are your wonderful collages , dearest -a great idea with the clip, I need to rember that . The one you created with the old plum coloured fabric is stunning my friend. And the old frames with lovely faces are adorable ,too.
    I totally agree with you, ,time is flying by, and I alwayes have things to do and to enjoy, visiting your gorgeous world!
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  17. Such beautiful creations ... always.

  18. *sigh* lovely! I get my blog "fix" when I visit your blog. Always so very beautiful and soothing.

  19. I am loving those little notepads! I see Angels in the first pic! Everything in all the pics are just simply divine!!!!

  20. So beautiful, Rhonda !!
    Love the lace and the mini collages !
    Your posts are always so very inspiring.


  21. Your blog is delightful – such pretty creations. I like old laces, pictures and have a ton of vintage postcards. Merci aussi d’aimer mon pays, parce que beaucoup de personnes aux EU ne l’aime pas. (Thanks for liking my country, because many people in the US don’t like it.)

  22. Love your beautiful creations. I think you are so right about staying inspired...there are so many wonderful things to be doing. Hoping this fall has been a good one for you so far, Rhonda!
    xo Mary Jo

  23. What do you want to see? rings so true. Thanks for sharing your lovely
    Here is to living life to the fullest. Cheers.

  24. Another beautiful, soul soothing post from you. The first photograph is so full of your delightful treasures and the cross created by the door is awesome. The little note pads are adorable, as are the collages with those gorgeous clips. I love visiting your blog.

  25. A little late but just had to say how simply gorgeous this post is with your gorgeous images always - sweet ways with vintage lace and clips to inspire us all. I'm so thrilled to be able to create again! Boredom is not a word I understand at all!!!


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French