Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Capturing Autumn

After returning home from a nice dinner at a local cafe, 
on a gorgeous Fall evening,
I decided to go through a large basket of
"who knows what is in here"
you know - those baskets of collected bits for later -
that basket stuck in a closet or drawer for months
-we all have them-
in my basket I found my next picture subject
but when I walked to my table to put my bits down,
I stumbled and the leaves in my hand 
scattered and framed her head
(gorgeous fall leaves given to me by a good friend)
here's my fall
here's my autumn
in a moment's time 
a happy accident
turns into this 
-those eyes-
-those boots-
-those beautiful leaves-


  1. oh still have them? so sweet! i love this vignette...ever so much mon amie! happy Fall day to you! ;)

  2. What a lovely image, and the leaves frame it so beautifully. As always, your photographs make me feel warm and calm and smiley.

  3. What an adorable picture, Rhonda, and oh those leaves, gorgeous are they. Your vignette, is just so beautiful, dear friend, also with flowers and tiny handmade pieces.
    Dorthe, xo

  4. A lovely scattering of Autumn beauty.

  5. Those eyes! What a beautiful child!! Can't wait to see that creation.

  6. And these are the best falls to stumble into. Spontaneous, honest, lovely. Good morning, beautiful!

  7. What is she holding? looks like a banner or bag????

  8. Rhonda, you seriously need to go into publishing magazines or a do a book. The way you put together your photos is amazing. Yes, we all have the (cluttered) baskets, but I like what you find in yours much better than mine! :)

  9. Yes indeed, we all have those baskets. Which reminds me, I need to go through mine. And you are right: that photo, those eyes and those boots. Scary but intriguing at the same time.


  10. Beautiful! That is a very sweet pic of a lovely little girl! I am loving every little detail about that little girl. The lace, yes,the boots, yes, the eyes, yes, but I notice the locket around her neck wondering what little treasures that it beholds?!

  11. Simply precious. Your photo to me brings back memories of a happy childhood playing in the leaves with the perfect amount of crispness in the air. Beautiful, thank you!

  12. Your Autumn collage is beautiful.


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French