Friday, October 24, 2014

If These Walls Could Talk

Working in my studio I have done the following:
 1. almost stepped on the dog in her bed (didn't even see her)
2. lost a very expensive holy card and searched hours for it
3. glued my fingers together making jewelry recently
4. left hard boiled egg yolks in a baggy to tarnish silver 
and forgot where I put it
5. yelled at my printer (I've disliked all of them)
6. talked to my sewing machine because she is a gem
7. rearranged the furniture in here a hundred times
 All in all
 this space is my happy space,
so if these walls could talk,
they would say most of the time
this is one joyful room
 small treasures for the soul
I will be listing in my Etsy shop this weekend
some new sets and collections,
instead of single piece treasures.
Hope you get to grab a set or two.


  1. Had a little giggle reading this. It sounds very familiar. :)
    Looking forward to seeing what new treasures you share on Etsy.

  2. My dear Rhonda,
    I know what you say ,lol... some dayes are just like that !!!
    But a joy it is visiting you here, and to be amazed over the beauty I alwayes find on your blog. The necklace is wonderful,and so are the medaillons...I hope you will find your holy card again, and that your fingers are now free from glue !!
    Love and hugs, Dorthe

  3. ....and BECAUSE my Walls DID TALK: I spent the last week sick with a sinus infection, hauling nearly everything out of my "happy place" craft/office and had hub build my longggg requested wall to wall shelf units in the closet and took out that hideous makeshift bookshelf with all diff. colored shelves...going through each plastic bin of 'junkables' to REFINE my 'treasures' into more orderly chaos!!! still have a couple of drawers to go through, but I managed to fill up two recyclable garbage cans to overflowing....Yea ME! ...and by way, Rhonda, do I need to revisit the conversation with you where you run all NEW listings by me FIRST??!! lol.......can't wait to see your new pretties......Beautiful Day HERE, going open up windows and get to organizing with a good cup of coffee!! Happy Weekend> Susanne

  4. Rhonda, your post made me smile. Are we working in the same studio? lol. I love your newly created treasures!

  5. These walls are talking, and the beautiful stories they are telling me! I love your necklace, it speaks only words of inspiration, and beauty. Altered in the best of designs.

    You always place a visiting smile on a face, be it your storie, your designs, your offerings, your hands touch our hearts with your beauty.

    I have been listening to that small voice within, creating from the heart, taking my time to listen to what each piece wants to become.

    I am looking forward to the darker winter days and the spiritual pieces you are inspired by.

    Creatively creating days ahead for you my friend.

    Yes, I love that necklace :)

  6. Rhonda, so completely gorgeous are your creations.............! Love the necklaces. You had me laughing, you sound like you've been as absent minded as me lately....:(.

  7. Hi Rhonda
    I think we would be lying if we didn't agree that all or similar things happen to most of us out here. I think I would do at least one of these things once a day here in my studio -hehe! Just j'adore your new necklace. Charming is the word!

  8. Hi Rhonda
    I think we would be lying if we didn't agree that all or similar things happen to most of us out here. I think I would do at least one of these things once a day here in my studio -hehe! Just j'adore your new necklace. Charming is the word!


    OK, you too talk to your rooms? teeheee.....if MY HOUSE could talk! It would speak back in French.

    Dear artist, these gorgeous rhinestone frames....I MUST HAVE ONE! I need to go to your shop for such precious goodies are not to be missed. So lovely to see you this morning! Have a creative and soothing day. LOVE! Anita

  10. oh this mad me laugh....hard! ;)) i wish i were there to hear your walls talk mon amie! sigh. so lovely.....i hope your enjoying your weekend of creativity. i too am busy creating but in my garage instead of my studio! i plan on getting myself covered in paint making signs from salvaged wood for my upcoming show. times a ticking! i cant wait for this
    Holiday Jubilee". Sure wish you were here to enjoy it with me! sigh....

  11. You crack me up Girl! Amazing isn't it how we are or what happens to us in our Happy Place!! Your pieces are Gorgeous as always!! Have a Wonderful Week end!
    Huggs, Nancy

  12. Oh Rhonda, I am LOVING your latest tin type jewelry! You Go Girl!!! They are sure sweet little gems.

    Oh, and love, love, love your list of art room scenarios. I can sure relate to all of them, especially the first one. Steve's always tucked under his blankets on the floor in my studio. Keep up the great job on your latest jewelry designs!!!


  13. I simply adore your newest creations, dear Rhonda. So very lovely and so you.Have a wonderful week.

  14. Oh dear, those things aren't funny really, but I have to admit that I did chuckle a little, because I have done most of those things at one time or another as well. Not done the eggs, nope, but I am sure you'll find the bag eventually when it developes a smell..... tehehe.
    The necklace is gorgeous, as are the other little treasures.

  15. Lol, wonderful post! Gorgeous jewelry piece and treasures.

  16. beautiful post dear!! amazing blog! kisses!

  17. First, what a LOVELY necklace that you have created!!!!Just beautiful!!!All the little tidbits that have been happening; I do some of the same things! Sometimes part of that creative process, being a creative person. You had me laughing, because it sounds familiar!


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