Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Simple Passion

Inspired by the simple French Nordic Style
 Bits of this holiday season are popping up,
as I tried my hand at stenciling vintage wood boxes
 I re-arranged the studio
spruced it up
 I enjoy moving things around,
after moving a mirror from my studio 
for a bathroom re-do
  The days are shorter
the nights are much cooler
*hello sweaters and socks*
Enjoying this November
we enter the holidays
with a
simple passion

with Courtney & friends


  1. Rhonda,
    So pretty. Love your white nordic Christmas decor coming to life. I cannot wait to see more.

  2. WOW. WOW.

    Rhonda, you have captured a look here I so desperately want in my home, and most of all, capture it on camera. But I just can't get this kind of white look even with white accessories! LOVELY BOX STENCILING! Now you have inspired me!!! Much love to you as you continue to have fun and share. (Your art work hanging from this sweet iron ornament is stunning!) Anita

  3. Your photos could have come straight out of a Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine. Your studio is such a beautiful place.

  4. I love the box stenciled, Rhonda, and how you've decorated it. The whole room looks so pretty. Loving that piece of metal work, too. Such great curves!

  5. I'm adoring your Chateau box Rhonda! It's perfect. You've got the stenciling down pat. The whole vignette looks amazing, with the green trees inside. I'm so happy to follow you on IG now, too!

  6. Yes dear Rhonda,
    so Nordic, and simple,-and beautiful!
    The way many of us here up North decorate. I love it too, but also have a little colour in my home , lol.
    Your stenciled box, is a beautiful add ,to decorating for all kind of seasons,and so sweet with the little trees.
    Enjoying the lovely November dayes untill next month where I start to decorate for real !! Hope you do the same.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  7. It's all lovely. Beautiful French Nordic living favorite. Your stenciled box is perfect. I love that word- Chateau. I adore the vintage wreaths of tiny white flowers you sent me. I am using them in my White Christmas decor. xxo

  8. I love your simple and beautiful Christmas decor!

  9. this is French chic simplicity at its' best! LOVE mon amie! I can't wait until after Thanksgiving to get started on feathering my nest for Xmas too! hope all is well! ;)

  10. Love your passion Rhonda,
    It's whiteness anchored with rawness exudes all things Nordic here.
    Love the sweet banner flags strung across the iron grate. As for the touches of vintage they add perfectly to your art style. Your space inspires your passion in how you create.

    I am working on my altars these days, and my new Madonna, I love your box of drawers I would love to find such a piece to store all my what not pieces in that add to the charm of photo shooting my pieces.

    I think you should show more of this side of you (your passion) it's soulful.



  11. The sheer whiteness and greens of the Nordic style is certainly growing on me although we are in Summer here over Christmas downunder.
    Love your stenciled "Chateau" box and especially the set of drawers in your last image.
    Everything looks peaceful in your studio Rhonda!
    x Suzy

  12. Returning to thank you sweet artistic friend, it's always a major compliment when like bloggers who create like art come to visit and leave such a message of awwww-ness! You really also inspire me as well, and your week after week of never disappointing us in what you inspire through your art to say the least is what we look forward to in a visit here with you, but the best surprise is when a part of you shows through when you share your home that inspires everything about the artist in you.

    Rhonda, thank you dearly for taking the time to share your comments with me, making my Sunday full and inspiring from the words you left behind on your way home.

    See you soon,
    and a Happy ThanksGiving to you and yours.


  13. Love your decorations Rhonda - so pretty.
    those stenciled boxes are awesome.

  14. Nordic white calls to me more and more. Your Chateau box with its little unadorned green trees is perfect!


  15. LOVE this style and this vignette!! And your stenciled box turned out perfectly! :)

  16. Oh how I love your world, Rhonda! My breath just pushed out with a sigh right now, seeing this page again! And yes, I wish we were closer in proximity so we could chat, create together, and just be friends! Wishing you a lovely and harmonious Thanksgiving! Anita


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French