Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sweet Sweet November

 We are anticipating the 70 degree weather
that is coming this Sunday
 November is sweet as always
 Studio window open
breezes flowing in
 I can hear the lawn mowers on our street
I can smell the fresh cut grass
Loving this Saturday morning
as I glance around my shelves
 Newest altered crosses
 I'm hoping you are enjoying this November 1st
You all know what comes next....
it's just around the corner...
Holidays, Family, Gifts, Food and Friends!


  1. The prettiest and most soothing of photographs.
    Rhonda, it was one of the mildest Halloweens, so they were stating on the weather forecast.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  2. Ha, I had to laugh.....what you're describing is our Springtime! 70 degrees, fresh cut grass....enjoy it for us.
    Love your studio peeks!

  3. Another pretty day in your studio, Rhonda! : ) Enjoy your lovely weather. It sounds like this a great time of year to be in Arizona. I woke up to some snow covered roofs this morning. Not thrilled about that this early!

  4. Oh Rhonda, this is a beautiful grey day for me to be here, we have been dealing with way to much sun and heat, but finally the wind, the rain, and the darkest clouds covered us here in Southern California desert and the comfort of what's ahead of us was a welcoming sight.
    I love the winter months my favorite time of the year, it could stay winter year around and I would be the happiest of artist. I love creating on these kind of days, some of my best art is inspired with darker, colder days.

    I am sure you and what inspires you can understand where I am coming from here on our very cold gloomy of day here. Looking forward to all that you will be creating the months to come.


  5. Sweet November to you. I am hoping the days linger on. Everything is lovely here in your white studio of French Nordic Living. xxo

  6. Dearest Rhonda! Bonjour - bon dimanche! How lovely to see you and the light of your studio. I thought of you yesterday as I visited one of the most beautiful shops in our region: ROSE MILLE. Here is her website:

    You must visit her. She is the major supplier of Dresden and other luscious goodies to many artists and even other shops in the country.

    Happy November dearest amie! Anita

  7. Such a beautiful glimpse into your studio, Rhonda. And gorgeous light in your photographs.

    November here is quite different. No leaves on the trees. A slight breeze, sunshine and much cooler temperatures. We may have snow this week. I love this time of year... and am playing in my little "studio", enjoying creating many tiny things for large project for December.
    Enjoy your beautiful November.

  8. Gorgeous post and crosses Rhonda. Wishing you a beautiful November.

  9. Lucky you, dear Rhonda, such beautiful weather, still! Here it is storming, a totally foggy day,all day, and cold, too!
    So lovely to see your studio, willt with goodness and beauty- Enjoy your sunday sweetie , and have a wonderful new week!!

  10. pure serenity. i love visiting here...sigh.

  11. We too, in South Louisiana, have had exceptional weather last several days! Windows open here too.....made me wish for a laundry line outside like my grandma's to hand out some freshly washed sheets....oooh the smell would be so wonderful! heading to our neighborhood mailbox distribution area to look for a 'special box' I am expecting!!! lol.......take care

  12. A sweet Happy November to you!
    Living in the Carolina's, we were not graced with the warm temps this past weekend. Fall is definitely here! Beautiful pics!

  13. Any day, any weather is the right time to be visiting you here and to see you beautifully lit studio where magic like these lovely altered crosses happen!

  14. Beautiful RHONDA! Hello dear one....thank you for coming to my French class post. Teaching teens now is so fabulous. They are good kids, but they live in a world that is teaching them to stay stuck on their phones, search for information and to not IMAGINE. But I have hope. Look at the lovely beauty you make because you imagine a piece in a different setting, or in a beautiful vignette. Thank goodness you use your imagination! BISOUS, Anita

  15. You are a fairy with a wand which turns everything into white treasures.

  16. Love everything about this post, Rhonda. How did I miss it? Things are finally settling down around here. :)


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French