Thursday, December 4, 2014

Silver and Gold

Just a little wood tray filled with 
Christmas cards and petite gifts for customers
 It keeps me organized
during this busy season
This will be the weekend
we pour our hearts into decorating
for Christmas
I pulled out a few tiny bulbs and wrapped candles with boxwood
I adore gold and silver this time of year.
We are just getting started on decorating our home.
I will be posting more during the weekend.
A few new in my Etsy shop

Joining in at
I hope you are all enjoying this month of December
and the joy it is meant to bring to your heart


  1. I love those cards! I just mailed out several exactly like them. I found one box at Home Goods...Was hoping to find more, but no luck. Lol.

    Beautiful photography!

  2. Hi Rhonda,

    I have been MIA and catching up with all your blogs. Oh, I have seen a lot of lovelies and I am enjoying looking at your BLING that you have on this page! Everything is just simply beautiful!!!

    Blessings To you &

    A very Merry Christmas!

  3. Very pretty, Rhonda! Love the simplicity of using a silver tray to hold a few baubles.

  4. I love the wrapped candle with the greenery and the silver tray with the jeweled pins is beautiful! I can't believe I've been missing your blogs.

  5. Rhonda,

    You've created some amazing unique pieces, so beautiful! Hope your decorating is fun this weekend.

  6. Love your presentation! Chalkboard tags and cards....what's not to love?

    Fix yourself I big mug of coffee with eggnog and get to decorating already girl!!!! heheheh

    Keep posting those pretties

  7. Bonjour Rhonda I am on my phone and unable to comment much but your gems ate so desirable no matter what seadon! Much love anita

  8. p.s. and the pretty silver tray?have the same one - just not with all the pretty rhinestone baubles! OLD silver and gold!! DREAMY

  9. Silver and gold, baubles and candles with Madonna, angels and Saints - what could be more simply beautiful at Christmas!

  10. Hi Rhonda, I' ve been meaning to stop by to tell you that I am lovin' your sweet jewelry creations. Awesome, fantastic job on your those little baubles. And those Christmas bundles, Spectacular! Going now to check them out in your Etsy shop ( hope there's some left) keep up the beautiful work on the jewels! Happy decorating!!!!


  11. So beautiful...some lovely thing´s you have!
    Have a great weekend,

  12. wunderschöne dekoration!!! liebe grüße zum 2. advent von angie

  13. Such beautiful treasures in your wooden tray! I love silver and gold at the holidays too. Have fun decorating!

  14. I have just started introducing golds back into my designs in my home decor. For a long while it was just silvers, but seeing so many ethereal pieces in gold has drawn me back to pieces I find so much soul in them.

    Love all your pieces here and so see that angel hanging in my daughters room. I am working on some more altars and madonnas that I am adding a bit of a new look to. And my latest post was linking up with ladies and all our theatrical drama and my French theatre in personae has those silvers and golds in it.

    See you soon Rhonda, what kind of tree are you doing what will it be adorned with?
    Looking forward to seeing all you inspire.


  15. Dear Rhonda,
    I know your home will look so gorgeous when you have finished decorating, and love what I see here. LOVE the crown you created, oh so beautiful, and all the other items in your Etsy .
    I wish you a wonderful week ahead, in the spirit of christmas .
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  16. I love that I can see these pretties on Instagram, too. Your tags and Etsy goodies are so delightful Rhonda! Can't wait to see how your decorating turned out. I'm trying to take it slow this year - no need to rush.

  17. Good evening my dear Rhonda!!!!

    I am home from school and I am enjoying a purely quiet evening, and I see you came to visit. I wish you a special Christmas with your family and friends, and that this would be a very creative time for you. I am looking forward to having two weeks off after this week of finals! YAHOOO! I will however, have a lot of grading to do this week after school!


  18. Such beauty! I am inspired by the silver tray of broaches.

    I wanted to thank you for your kindness and friendship. My wish is that your holiday season is filled with peace, love and joy.

    May you and yours be blessed with health and happiness in the new year.

  19. So many lovelies and great inspiration!
    So glad you stopped by to introduce yourself.
    Mary Alice

  20. Wonderful and delightful Happy New Year!

  21. Υπεροχες δημιουργιες!!!!!


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