Friday, January 30, 2015

A Way of Life

An antique book, French wax flowers, florentine table
and a florentine framed print of Mary & Jesus
were just the perfect setting for my pendants
 I will be listing many pendants later this afternoon 
All are tied up with antique lace ribbon 
I can think of many uses for them.
How about you?
 I've been too busy to list all I've created
in the last few months!
Then the holidays came and went, you know how that goes...
But I'm ready now to list away in my shop
 Wrap one around a bottle
for a simple statement
 These pendants can easily be added to your favorite necklace 
You can look for them here
after 4:30 pm Arizona time
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
See you next Friday for 
French Friday Giveaway


  1. Very beautiful details and style. I use lace too in my creations, you can see here, .I can't wait to browse your shop.

  2. They are all lovely. I do like the look of the antique lace. I have one of your pendants and its beautiful.

  3. hello Rhonda ah a nice gift for someone who is not well......very comforting for them
    xo L

  4. Oh Rhonda, these are so PRETTY! Can I invite you to share this post at my Five Star Frugal linkup? We're sharing ways to live elegantly and beautifully for less, and I think you gorgeous ideas fit the bill perfectly. I hope you'll join us. Mimi xxx

  5. Oh Rhonda, your work truly is exquisite. The way you take these crystals and so gently add the have found such a beautiful niche of expression of a little bit French! BISOUS! Anita

  6. Oh Rhonda,these are simply gorgeous!
    Love them all.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Special memories of the Catholic school days. Thanks for sharing your lovely little treasures.

  8. Your work is GORGEOUS! But let me say that your picture staging is AS GORGEOUS...well thought out and meticulously done!! Your pictures are ART!

  9. Dear Rhonda, this post is so very beautiful, with the pieces you collected for photographing, with the beautiful new pendants you created. I love all these muted colours and the cross with the round pendant is gorgeous, dear !!
    Love the wax flowers, and the pressed one, too .
    Love from me, and hugs.

  10. Beautiful pretties! I love what you make. Jo

  11. Hi Rhonda,
    Loving all the spiritual grâce you give each piece of alterings. I am so big on a new interuptation to soulful pieces of comfort.
    I have been working on pieces long before Christmas, then I was taken ill with that awful virus that landed me at emergency with breathing treatments that I had never experienced before. This illness took a toll on me so much so that all the art pieces that took a halt had to wait. I am finishing up loose ends on several pieces and getting ready to post some amazing new pieces that I find so hard to let go, my new Altars, and angels.
    Do you feel the same about those special pieces that you connect so dearly to? You have just push yourself away from the finished piece and let it tell you it's done.
    Well my dear your work is precious and such a beautiful message of who the artist is.

    See you soon.


  12. Your pendants are so lovely, Rhonda! Love how you're showing them off in the first couple of photos...beautiful!
    Mary Alice

  13. truly lovely pendants. You can see the love you add to each one.

  14. So very pretty & loving all that beautiful lace!!!!!!!

  15. They are so Beautiful Rhonda! Clearly you have been a Creative Whirlwind in spite of the Holidays being busy! Dawn... The Bohemian


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French