Sunday, January 18, 2015

Le Desk

If you are constantly organizing your studio...
you have stopped at the right blog!
Since I photograph so much on this shabby white desk,
it has had many different vignettes on the top shelf
 Everything I collect
everything that I adore,
seems to end up right here
Keeping my desk clean for photos sessions
is a huge challenge for me
I am so prone to piling items on my desk
because it sits in my studio 
With little time (some days) to clear away all of  the clutter,
when I'm ready to shoot a photo or two,
I know I will try to keep my desk in order
What's on your desk?


  1. Your desk looks so very beautiful, and serene, even you have some wonderful items piled up on it. I could look and look , and not feel anything else, than pleasure and joy dear Rhonda,-
    I alwayes love everything I see from your studio, and from your beautiful taste.
    These photoes give piece on mind and lovely inspiration- Thank you ,dear friend.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  2. You have so many lovelies on your desk, Rhonda. Beautiful inspiration!
    Mary Alice

  3. ...well it looks pretty amongst the clutter where I have YOUR lovely things situated!! I stare at them to get inspiration....once again, Rhonda you have such a nack for telling a story in your it a.l.l.

  4. Beauty that surrounds one, encourages dreams in creating. Love all your inspiring beauty here, and is this not a desk that draws you in to take a closer look in soulful thoughts.


  5. Oh gosh, I really need to keep on top of myself to keep my little craft sewing room neat and clutter free, Rhonda! I have two tables - one holds my sewing machine and the other (right behind where I sit) is a little table that seems to be the catch-all spot. Because it is a small table, it can get out of handy very quickly.

  6. Good morning Rhonda!!! I am constantly rearranging things, but my desk is not one of them! I do have two, however. One is decorative like yours, and the other is where I write. WHAT A MESS! No French beauty there, but scraps of paper with written poetry and other messes a "writer" lives with!

    So nice to see you...

  7. Your desk is so beautiful. Everything on it that you present in your photos spseaks of love of shabby chic and everything French. Your desk and your photos are inspiring. I have a long table in my art room where I do artwork. I have a sewing room that is very cluttered and it has 2 tables: one with the sewing machine and supplies and the other with supplies that need to be moved. And then I have another room for photos with a table and everything I want to use in photo vignettes plus my work desk and computer for my p/t job. Your staging for photos is inspiring and beautiful.

    Blessings from Northern Arizona,

  8. Your desk and all those beautiful things you have collected over time are such an inspiration to us all. Such beauty! And you really don't want to see my desk, lol, it is always a mess.

  9. It's all so very lovely, Rhonda. I don't have an artist's work space. I just draw/paint/create on the farm table in the kitchen. :)

  10. You are surrounded by beauty!

  11. Rhonda your home is a dream. Love your blog it really gives inspiration. Thanx so much. Jo

  12. Your desk is a scattering of loveliness. Your studio a haven of beauty and that is why I delight in purchasing items from your shop. It is like having little pieces of your studios beauty in my home. Thank you for the new religious cards.

  13. jut lovely (i spy an IH! ;)) what's on MY desk? my computer..keyboard...and a whole lot of "stuff!" Thank goodness i don't have to clear it off every time i need to take a picture as it would never happen! tee hee. ;)

  14. I absolutely love each and every piece; the composition as a whole is gorgeous! Where did you find the crowns? I am heading to your shop now. And I am listing you on my signature sites and blogs! Really well done and inspirational! All the best, Rié | Portobello Design Blog

  15. I am simply amazed Rhonda how you keep your desk so tidy!!! Everything looks perfectly in place and I bet it is mostly like that!!!
    I have to take my work into another space to photograph my work as it is totally full in my studio but I am totally happy with that.
    Hugs for a happy weekK

  16. Dear and wonderful Rhonda, bonjour!

    I just checked my blog, and it's so lovely to see you. I had to make a very tough decision; blogging has been such a great way to discover myself, and most of all, make friends like I've never made before. Sharing creativity brings out the best in people, and in the real world, who ever shares what is deep inside that only writing and sharing could do? But time is a premium, and there is much to do.

    I will still be visiting you as soon as your posts come in to me via email! MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

  17. If only my desk had such beautiful clutter!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hey! I JUST visited your blog and went back to my email only to find you visiting my blog - made me smile, so I had to just come back and let you know how much I enjoy visiting your site. I agree with about how all that I adore seem to end up in the same area. Even if it gets "cluttery" I still love my treasures.

    Thanks for sharing your treasures with us!
    big hug


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