Sunday, February 22, 2015

Marie Antoinette Style

 Tarnished and faded jewels
worn with time and love
 I fell in love with Versailles in France
and all of it's glory
 So when I found these gorgeous 
vintage mini hand painted portraits of Marie Antoinette 
I grabbed them up
Versailles is forever etched in my mind
Marie Antoinette style will never fade

Necklaces were created by me
and can be found here

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  1. Dear Rhonda, that is so very special,how beautiful the paintings are, and your necklace is gorgeous. What a wonderful charm to open up, and the face behind that old piece of ? ,is so very beautiful. The nacklace you created for her, is perfect!!
    I wish you a lovely new week, my dear friend.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  2. ....Not only is your artisan creativity a gift, so is your amazing photo/staging ability. (drooling)....."you had me at 'Versailles'

  3. p.s. to further prove our french heritage 'down south here' my mom worked for an organization on a street locally named - none other- than "VERSAILLES"

  4. I envy you your trip to Paris. Your pieces bring those memories to life so beautifully! One day mon day....

  5. Look at all that bling you have to play with, Rhonda! Such pretty pieces, too.

  6. I am just drooling over your new creation of Marie Antoinette
    necklace. It's my kind of necklace
    just charming and so antique like looking

  7. It's really altering inspiration over here, and the pieces that sit in front of you in waiting to see what is to come of it is half the excitement.
    Love taking something that had another purpose and use in im such a way that it becomes something of new beauty.

    Love your piece, she is a beauty.

    See you soon, beautiful

    Come see my new altar in my post.


  8. Oh RHONDA! This is stunning. I must go visit your shop; I love it when you post and I hadn't seen anything from you for a while. Your work is magnificent, and I will always love Marie Antoinette and Versailles. Much love to you! Anita

  9. Always fun to find these Little Treasures! Just some lovely pieces of art and memories. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Great jewelry and what a find with those pendants!

  11. aloha Rhonda, I am enjoying the Marie jewelry.
    She is one of my special ladies of history. Bitter/sweet too.
    you have such a good eye for the French look, I love it
    aloha lilla

  12. l can see why you snapped them up...they're so beautiful.

  13. These are beautiful!!! What a wonderful find these little miniatures are. I have always loved your creations and am constantly inspired when I visit. How blessed you are to have France in your heart forever. I always think of opulence and grace when I think of that country and although I have never been, I am drawn to it.

  14. oh Rhonda, those portrait pieces are stunning! I love the way you have hung them too! Just so sweet!!! I know how you feel about Versailles, when I went last year, I thought it was an amazingly special place too!I want to go back soon. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.Your jewelry designs are all so gorgeous!!

  15. Oh these are just sublime! I rather fancy those little irregular pearls, and with the Marie Antoinette pendant attached, they're really something special. Gorgeous! Mimi xxx

  16. Rhonda, this is just stunning! Makes me feel like I stepped back in time (where I think I was meant to be in the first place!). Thanks for sharing!

    Big hug


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